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PMP Writers guidelines.

Before you start, please make sure your story follows our general publishing guidelines:

We publish anything that we stand for: We are a British pro-EU weekly online magazine. We also believe in social equality, equal opportunity, the promotion of individual abilities and talents, social responsibility, universal healthcare, workers rights, entrepreneurship, fair market competition, access to education and culture for all, consumer rights, the prohibition of child labour, the fight against racism and antisemitism, and in the fight against global warming.


  • Open our columns to journalists, writers, bloggers, politicians, business leaders, economists, lawyers, thinkers and anyone who wants to discuss political decisions, social issues, innovative ideas, original projects and complex schemes.
  • Open our columns to anyone who wants to tell their story, share their experience, explain their views, describe their pain, show their enthusiasm, demonstrate their joy, talk about their life.
  • Open our columns to all writers with progressive opinions, whether they are Left-wing or Right-wing, as long as they support democracy, human rights, diversity and selflessness.
  • Fight fake news published by right-wing outlets and tabloids and social media bots by publishing real, honest and positive news and opinions.
  • Fight politicians' alternative facts that threaten the democratic debate by fact-checking their speeches and comments to maintain transparency, honesty and democracy in politics.
  • Go to the source of the reflections that influence politics and geopolitics in the changing world of today.
  • Feed our readers with the most trustworthy, accurate and fact-checked information.



  1. Type the title of your story in lower case.

  2. After the title of your story, please type a quick introduction in bold. Select the introduction, select the text, then click three times on CTRL+H

  3. Type the text of your story. Don't forget to skip one line between paragraphs!

  4. Press CTRL+ALT+P at any time to see what your story will look like.

  5. To add a link, press CTRL+K and add both the text and the link.

  6. To add a photograph, click on the upload photograph icon at the bottom of the dashboard and simply add the photograph.

  7. Remember: Photographs found on Google are NOT accepted. Photographs MUST be free of copyrights. You may use photos on Flickr or Pixabay for instance if they commercial use is allowed (for example: Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA or Public Domain). Please always add credits and a link to the photographer's page whenever possible. If you are unsure or don't have a photograph, don't worry, we will add a photograph for you.

  8. Always add a title and credit to a photograph, in the form of: Title of the photograph (Credit: Company / Photographer)

  9. Don't forget to check your spellings!

  10. When the story is ready, simply add a main photograph (we can do this for you if needed), then add maximum 2 tags separated by a comma (for example: Politics, Donald Trump), add an excerpt (it will appear on the frontpage of the magazine).

  11. If you would like to add a note to our editors, this is your chance. At the bottom of your text, type: NOTE TO EDITORS: and add your comments.

  12. When all of this is done, please DO NOT CLICK ON PUBLISH!!!!

  13. Instead, when you are happy with your story, please visit this link:

  14. Close your dashboard. The story will automatically saved.

  15. We will then review the story, check your spellings and finalise your work before publishing the story for you.


  17. You may submit as many stories as you like, as long as they are relevant and following our present guidelines.

  18. Thank you for being part of our team!