Front pages — 17 October 2021.

1 min read
We take a look at the front pages of the main UK newspapers and magazines today with a special focus on political stories without any side distractions.

When do we say a nation has failed?

2 min read
The UK is failing, and failing badly. A nation where the Nolan Principles are long forgotten.

Think before getting outraged by the Home Office’s crazy ideas.

3 min read
Personal attacks against Priti Patel might be cathartic, and easy, but they yet again play into the Home Office’s hands. Why do you think she is still in post?

What’s with the Gallic ire?

3 min read
France is hopping mad that the US, UK and Australia have announced a new three-way defence alliance.

Had it been Brexit in 2005, there would have been no ‘British’ success at the US Open.

2 min read
Britain is celebrating Emma Raducanu’s stunning success as “the first British woman to win a singles grand slam since Virginia Wade in 1977”. But what would have happened had the UK left the EU a decade earlier?

Scottish independence: The Tories’ worst nightmare.

5 min read
Scottish independence would leave Brexit England small, isolated and alone, unable to avoid the truth that it’s neither great nor exceptional.

Will they look good losing?

4 min read
If only people in Washington would work together, compromise and make a deal that actually helps the country.

Why trade a democratic something for a republican nothing?

8 min read
If Democrats achieve nothing else between now and the 2022 midterms what they have already done to fight the Covid-19 virus, rebuild the economy, and strengthen the Affordable Care Act EARNS them reelection to control both the House and Senate.

What if 15 Airbus A330 had crashed last month in the UK?

4 min read
3,748 people have died of COVID-19 in the last 28 days. Is this the new ‘normal’ we are expected to accept? What if 15 Airbus A330 had crashed within a month in the UK? How would people react? How would the government react?
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