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Unfortunately for minorities, diversity usually means more white women.🔷

The second-most privileged group in the country should not be the poster-children for repealing systemic oppression.


The most concerning element about this push for fake-diversity is the complete state of denial white feminism is in. Take the above photo for example, from an executive editor at the Huffington Post, election year, 2016. No males in your editors meeting, great. But no black males, nor black females, in a year when Democrats were trying to continue the legacy of Obama. And yet somehow Hillary’s crowd expected black people to come out and vote in the same way they did for the last two elections?

Let’s take a look at the woman’s march on DC, which I’ve written about here. In a city that’s 50% black, 38% white and 9% Hispanic, we can see a snapshot of just how well the city’s demographics were equally-represented.

The crowd was so white because it wasn’t a march for women’s rights, it was a march for white women’s rights. Addressing the wage gap between men and women is important, but what about the wage gap between white women and women of color, or different rates of poverty and other disparities? From what I could see, little to none of these issues were exposed or promoted at the rally in DC. Instead, a generic dedication to “women’s rights” was proclaimed, by swathes of mostly white women, who still could not comprehend how Hillary lost, despite her “diverse” coalition of supporters.


In a six month hiring spree last year, tech company Slack added 74 people to its payroll. 62 of them were women, but only three of them were black. “Increasing diversity” has simply meant replacing white men with white females, and white liberals can’t stop patting themselves on the back because of it. Many on the left have decided to double down on gay, trans, and women’s rights, while doing little to expand on what the Democratic Party can do for people of color. Meanwhile, Trump and the GOP boys will continue to consolidate the straight white male vote, which, if history is anything to go by, is very helpful in winning elections.


White women have the privilege of being able to vocalize their concerns on a national scale, and have them be taken seriously. That is a wonderful thing, but not when they equate their own victories as victories for diversity, and then can’t figure out why some minorities decided to vote for Trump anyway. To really make an ideological push for inclusive diversity, white liberal women need to put down their Macbook pros, and start listening. If not, they can enjoy seven and a half more years of Trump and the GOP.🔷

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