Libertarians need a new name. They don’t believe in liberty at all. They only believe in freedom.

I am taking back the libertarian name.

Frankly, you libertarians are going to have to go hunting. May I suggest freedomotarians? The reason you don’t get to keep libertarian anymore is because you don’t believe in liberty.

The only thing you believe in is freedom. But where your freedom ends, my freedom begins. Those two freedoms clash a good bit of the time. In other words, my freedom to molest you for my sexual pleasure ends where your freedom to not have your body touched in an unwanted way begins. That’s not something libertarians want to hear.

They only want to hear about the freedom part. For them, no one is ever at the other end of someone else’s freedom. There’s always just one guy and his right to do whatever he wants. They don’t want to hear that people also get liberty.

From the Libertarian Party. A list of their beliefs. Note: Let’s just take one example of this alleged economic freedom. If you are poor, you get to be a recipient of the libertarian’s generous individual donations to private charity. Pray they don’t give those to the Salvation Army, because in order to get your charity, you will be required to go to a church service. That’s economic freedom at its finest. For people with money.

What is liberty? Liberty is most often a “freedom from.” You have freedom from being arrested by the government as afforded by the Constitution. You have freedom from having your neighbor walk into your house uninvited. You have the freedom to stalk your coworker. Oh, see, caught ya. Once again, your freedom ended where your coworker’s began.

America actually hasn’t paid much attention to liberty. America has a big jones for freedom. This has left stepped-on and stepped-over people without much recourse. Whadda gonna do about it, buddy? Sue?

Hauling people into court for intruding on your liberties is hard to do. People think it is easy, but my close connection to three lawsuits has taught me, the good guy rarely wins. In one case, the woman who was fired for getting pregnant had her case thrown out. In another case, the professor who lost her entire career over whistleblowing about false data at a university was paid a measly $75,000 after a lifetime of lost investment in her graduate education. In another case, the woman who was rear-ended ended up with a head injury, but the insurance arbiter is only offering $7,500. This is after getting an attorney, doing depositions, and being send to mediation. She’s still pondering whether to settle.

All these people had their own freedoms infringed upon. Their liberty was battered, beaten up, and bartered away. But it does not matter in our society. Freedom is paramount. Her job had the right to fire her in both the case of the pregnant woman and assistant professor. Insurance companies have a right to lawsuit protection.

There are rights everywhere. The right to get a website on the internet. The right to a job. The right to a life. The right to health insurance. We honor only some rights. We pick the ones that are about individual freedom. There is no emphasis on liberty.

The only time you ever hear a liberty argument from a conservative is during abortion debates and religious rights. Suddenly, the liberty of the embryo dominates over the freedom of the woman and the religious person’s liberty dominates the freedom of the different religious/secular person.

If they should continue to assert dominance in liberty arguments, we should surely make note and rejoice. For if the liberty of fetuses and praying people is going to become legal doctrine, we real libertarians for whom the name was really made shall finally see our day.

It will be time for the rewriting of the Constitution, at this point come due. Your speech is free as far as it does not harm others, just like with libel or slander but also on a group level. You don’t own more than a handgun or rifle for the safety of the community. Property is not means by which we decide elections, so no electoral college.

Yep, I’ve been seeking a label, and I finally found one. I’m a libertarian.🔷

(Cover: Photograph by Collin Daugherty, Statue of Liberty, for the Libertarian Party.)