Twitter has been one of the main platforms for Donald J. Trump to express his opinions on anything and everything, sometimes without proper knowledge on the topic and sometimes to mainly attack his critiques. He has been using Twitter to deliver empty promises too.

As I am typing this, it is highly possible that Trump’s fingers are hovering over his cell phone generating a tweet that might end up as the headline of the newspapers tomorrow morning.

Out of curiosity, I came across Trump’s personal Twitter under the @realDonaldTrump handle and checked the ‘following’ section. The 45th President of the United States is following 45 Twitter accounts. It was quite interesting to scroll up and down a bit at this part of Trump’s Twitter.

Donald J. Trump / Twitter

Out of the 45 Twitter accounts that Trump follows, 13 belong to either Fox News programs and anchors such as Fox and Friends and Sean Hannity or those who appear on this channel regularly. Moreover, Trump follows Drudge Report, a conservative populist American news aggregation website. Drudge Report’s main headline was “Londonistan vs Trump” after Trump mocked Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, in a tweet over the attack in London on June 3. He also follows nine Twitter accounts that belong to businesses owned by himself. Actually, only hotels and golf clubs.

The most dramatically eye-catching moment was when I saw the two accounts of Gary Player and Vince McMahon. The first one is the South African golf champion who is known for his support to Hendrik Verwoerd, the mastermind behind socially engineering and implementing the racial policies of apartheid, and the latter is a professional wrestling promoter who has allegations of sexual harassment on record. It’s still not easy to digest how a president would follow these two figures on social media.

Ironically, Trump follows only one Twitter account of his administration, the White House.

Trump has been quite aggressive towards media and labeled almost all the independent media platforms as “fake mainstream media” and referred to them as FAKE MSM in his tweets.

One’s posts and page likes on Facebook, or tweets and followings on Twitter can say a lot about the person’s interests and personality. This matters, even more, when the owner of the account is the boss of the Oval Office, the most powerful position in the world.

Clearly, Trump pays a high attention to his Twitter news feed as he tweets and retweets quite often. It is no surprise if his decisions regarding national or international matters are influenced by his Twitter account and the view of those who he follows on this virtual network rather than experts and advisors.

In fact, a populist politician can easily take advantage of social media, especially Twitter, as it has become a bridge between the leaders and the supporters of various movements and causes. Although the communication is taking place in a virtual world the supporters’ real actions such as participation in elections get affected; or the failures of the politician in the real world get hailed.

At the end, the US President cannot use rhetoric and social media interactions in order to make long term hold-ups. Soon, these will not be enough to justify the failures or to cover the reality.🔷

(Cover: Photograph by Flickr / Duncan Hull, Beware the #Trumpageddon)