Here we go again, with the Republican Party intent on repealing and replacing the ACA (Affordable Care Act) also known as “Obamacare”.

For seven years the GOP campaigned on repealing and replacing the ACA, they have constantly rallied against the health law -- even lying, stating there are death panels. During President Obama tenure, the GOP attempted 56 times to get rid of the health law, but they were unsuccessful.

Why is the GOP hell bent on killing millions of people? Health care is a moral right, if every other industrialized nation can afford to provide universal health care to their citizens, America can do the same. Yes, these countries pay higher taxes. However, they are receiving the benefit of having universal health care.

Fun Fact: The GOP has attempted 56 times to repeal and replace the ACA and has failed.

Similar to the other horrendous health laws the GOP attempted to pass, the Cassidy-Graham bill is far worse. To begin, 32 million people will lose health insurance, states will have the ability to discriminate against citizens with pre-existing conditions, there will be an increase in premiums, and it will end Medicaid.

Notice every dismal health law the GOP attempts to pass, we the people are losing and costs rise exponentially making health insurance unaffordable.

Furthermore, the GOP attempted to rush the Cassidy-Graham bill without a CBO score. Good thing WE, the people, are alert calling our Senators to vote NO on this ghastly bill. The Cassidy-Graham is so bad, late-night Comedian Jimmy Kimmel weighed in due to his son heart condition. His family and many other families will be affected if this bill passes because they would not have the financial resources to pay for open heart surgery or any surgery if needed.


For all of 2017, the GOP has done nothing but fail in getting rid of the ACA-Sad.

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Recap: in the first attempt to repeal the ACA, the GOP did not have enough votes-this was in the spring. The second attempt which was in July, Senators McCain, Collins and Muroskwi killed the bill by voting against it. For all of 2017, the GOP has done nothing but fail at getting rid of the ACA, which is quite sad. This is the only legislation the GOP has worked on; controlling the Presidency and both houses of Congress, the GOP has not accomplished anything. Not only that, every new health bill the GOP has proposed would do nothing but cause an economic fiasco for the health insurance marketplace, kicking millions of people off health care, and would damage our economy in the long run.

Remember when Ted Cruz shut down the government because of the health law costing our nation $24 Billion?

The GOP cannot argue about being fiscally conservative when every health law they have proposed damages the economic health of our nation in the long run.

GOP-Evil-Laughing. The 115th Congress, in an oddly familiar scene,
signed a bill to repeal Obamacare on 6 January 2017.
The president vetoed it the following day.
(Flickr / Dale Sundstrom)

Notice every dismal health law the GOP attempts to pass, we the people are losing and costs rise exponentially making health insurance unaffordable.

Health care is an issue America should have fixed long ago. It is distressing to say America is the “greatest country” yet it fails to provide universal health care to its people. If Canada, Europe, the UK, Japan, South Korea have figured out how to achieve this, what is taken America so long to catch up? America is the most unhealthy country; we have a higher rate of cancer, diabetes and other illnesses that are affecting our nation. If America says, it is the greatest and wants the country to survive, having a healthy population is the only way.🔷


(Cover: Photograph by Flickr / Thomas Altfather Good - Caitlin Dekker of The National Advocates for Pregnant Women stands vigil outside Rep. Donovan's office - Rally To Preserve Affordable Care, 20 December 2016.)



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