Hillary Clinton cites in her book ‘What Happened’ that one of the factors that adversely affected her failed presidential campaign was that Bernie Sanders pushed her too far to the left, which turned off moderate and independent voters. Now, imagine that if she couldn’t handle pressure from a 76-year-old pot-smoking socialist, what chance would she have against a Republican Congress and Senate?

Think about this, why was it that unlike Hillary, Sanders was not concerned about losing independent and moderate voters? Did Bernie not want to win? Or did he believe that presidential candidates ought to be honest to the people? In her lingo, one could argue (as many of her supporters have) that Sanders was merely selling ‘pipe dreams’ to his base, when he said that the federal government could cough up $75 Billion a year for free public college if they could afford to spend $2 Trillion on the Iraq War (which Hillary voted for). Hillary Clinton is a Yale Graduated Lawyer who had a very distinguished career as a corporate lawyer (and once served on the board of Wal-Mart), developed close relationships to Wall Street (who paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches), received millions of dollars from Saudis and Qataris. The only person selling a ‘pipe dream’ to the Americans was Hillary Clinton when she told them that she would be the champion for the lower and middle class.

Bernie Sanders march and rally in Pittsburgh, 27 February 2016. (Flick / Mark Dixon)

This is NOT a Hillary rant, but it, however, reveals her willingness to lie blatantly or at the very least, conceal her real intentions from her voters. It’s not just Hillary; all politicians lie at some point to advance their careers. The thing that distinguished Bernie and Trump from the rest of the political spectrum were that they spoke their minds whether someone liked it or not. Nobody should be surprised at something Donald Trump says or does as the president, because of the way he ran his campaign; it was pretty evident what sort of a president he was going to be.

As the Democratic nominee, it would have been the same with Bernie except his rhetoric would have been less racist and offensive, not because it would have settled right with the ‘independent and the moderates’, but because that was how he genuinely felt.

Bernie Sanders rally, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, Washington D.C., 9 June 2016. (Flick / Hillel Steinberg)

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have vast policy differences. They differ on health care, taxes, environmental policy, marijuana legalization, gun control, police brutality, judicial reform, Roe v. Wade, and so on, but the impact they intended their movements to have on Washington and overall political landscape of America, is pretty much the same.

Now, the comparisons I make here do NOT insinuate their policy details or what they aimed to accomplish, merely their repercussions whether intended or unintended.

People are more involved in politics:

As much of a nuisance it is to constantly fight the urge to reply to half-baked political tweets, we must appreciate that people are taking political positions and interest in functioning of their Government and as a result that creek of ‘independent and moderate voters’ is rescinding, which will make it increasingly hard, if not impossible, for politicians to conceal their real policy positions for the sake of swaying independent voters.

Democrats and Republicans have been exposed:

If the 2016 democratic primaries accomplished nothing for the alt-left, they proved once and for all that the Democrats are as corrupt a bunch as the Republicans.

Democratic primaries are rigged!

Bernie Sanders officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, 12 July 2016 (Flick / Marc Nozell)

And the Republicans, on the one hand, want the Democrats to reach across the aisle to fix America’s health care system, and on the other hand, hate it when Trump gets close to Schumer and Pelosi.

Democrats, if they were sincere about Medicare for all, would have legislated it into law when they had a Democratic president, a Democratic Congress and a Democratic Senate in 2008. Now all of a sudden, they want to carpool Senator Sanders’ bill to act as if they were for it all along and just couldn’t be bothered with drafting the bill themselves.

Liberals once again love the constitution:

The left abhorred the democratic norms and constitutional restraints that prohibited President Obama from acting on gun control, illegal immigration, minimum wage, marijuana legalization, etc. and even proposed large-scale constitutional amendments (because after all it was written by slave-owners) that would give the president sweeping powers to enforce a liberal agenda.

In fact, they cheered on as President Obama signed DACA, which, though it was well-intended, it was by far the most unconstitutional act by a President in modern history. But now liberals want President Trump to abide by the same constitution that hindered President Obama to fully implement his agenda. Even though most liberals supported the bombing of a Syrian air base after reports that the Assad regime carried out chemical attacks against rebels, when Trump ordered firing of the missiles, the left questioned how a President could order military strikes against another nation without seeking approval from the Congress first? Didn’t President Obama need an approval from Congress to legislate DACA as well? Where were these pseudo-constitutional experts then? The worst part is that they don’t even see the irony.

“Obamacare” is popular again:

President Obama spent seven years trying to popularize his signature health care bill, but it never quite took off. The sign-ups increased, but the general public perception remained sceptical about the idea of the federal government taking over 1/6th of the American economy. Now that he is out of the office and every bill that the Republican Party has proposed since has fallen flat on its face, Americans overwhelmingly support the ACA. There have been no significant changes made to “Obamacare” since Trump took office, so it is a little baffling to see “Obamacare” polling high, it is almost as if the average American voter doesn’t have a mind of his own.

Neo-Nazism is in full swing:

OK, I realize that Neo-Nazis marching in different cities across America looks bad, but think about why, after decades of living under the cover, would the Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists march out in the open? It is because they feel threatened. They know that the system, which gave them privilege due to the color of their skin, is changing. They are scared of change and want to RETURN to the era (Make America Great AGAIN) when getting laid was easy, and they did not feel sexually inadequate. I do think that Neo-Nazism has a lot to do with sexual frustration but let’s save that debate for another day.

Hollywood is socially aware:

Whether it is late night ‘comedy’, SNL or the Award ceremonies, Hollywood is taking political positions. It has broken the decades-long tradition of isolating itself from the political arena for fear of boycott from one side or the other. It means that those who spend hours watching TV every day are being educated on the American politics, even if it is partisan politics. Actors, singers, rappers and J. Cole have political opinions and ideas about how better to govern America and to tackle some of the issues she is facing.

Though Hollywood has always had a liberal bias, it was subtle in its expression, and as contemptuous the Bush-Cheney duo was, it did not merit Meryl Streep’s criticism at the Golden Globes. Probably because like Bush and Cheney, her candidate Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq War that killed 4,000 American troops and countless Iraqis.

Public Schools are fighting for existence:

As much of disdain I have for Betsy DeVos, she is forcing public schools to perform at the same level as private schools. We will see whether or not they are able to do so, but in terms of academic proficiency, their performance will certainly be better than it has been during the last few decades.

Fact Checking is Great Again:

People once again care about the truth: whether it is about the Trump-Russia collusion or Hillary’s emails, no speculation of any kind flies on its own without any grounded reality. The birther controversy could not prosper in 2017 because the way we consume information has changed. People have begun questioning statements, policy decisions and rumors. And unless there is a solid source, mere propaganda usually dies sooner or later much like the Trump-Russia story has.

End Note

With his book Guide to Political Revolution, Bernie Sanders iterated that the ‘Bernie movement’ is not affiliated with one personality. He says that his agenda could be fulfilled independently of himself, because it is an American agenda and not one that revolves around elevating Bernie to the Presidency.

And let’s face it, folks, Hillary Clinton did not have a specific agenda of her own besides being the first female President of the United States. I thought her education policy was probably the best among the 2016 presidential candidates, including Bernie’s, but in its entirety, her plan was a continuation of Obama's era policies.

I hear a lot of people say that Trump was the greater evil, and by voting for Hillary, they were voting for the lesser of the two evils — didn’t they still vote for evil?

I was backing Bernie and, to this day, believe that he would have beaten Trump because he appealed to the same populist factions in America that had no choice but to vote for Trump against the swamp monster’s favorite child, Hillary Clinton. But as disastrous as Trump’s Presidency (so far) has been, it has had much of the same effect on America that I expected a Bernie Presidency to have, some of which I have mentioned above.

I’m not saying that we should all blindly support Donald Trump, his rhetoric and all his decisions, but rather only the modern populist movement that he is leading. Of course, there are factions of this movement that are abhorrent, and we must speak out against them, but any attempts to invalidate Trump’s authority or to impeach him on unreasonable grounds must be opposed with full force, at least until this movement finds a new (and competent) leader.

So, whether or not Bernie runs in 2020, here’s to anyone running on his agenda.🔷

Rally for social and economic justice and equality, Upper Senate Park, U.S. Capitol, Washington. DC. (Flick / Lorie Shaull)

(Cover: Flickr / Mark Dixon - Bernie Sanders march and rally in Pittsburgh, 27 February 2016.)



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