This is the3million’s reaction to today’s announcement by the British Government about EU citizens and settled status.

“There is no change for EU citizens in the UK. Like British citizens in Europe, we are still the bargaining chips of the Brexit negotiations and the British Government is making this announcement as talks are resuming tomorrow in Brussels.

Of course, we welcome the news that EU citizens will gain a statutory right of appeal but the recent erroneous letters of deportation and the shambolic Universal Credit implementation proves that there is no such thing as a smooth administrative implementation by the British Government and the lives of EU citizens will be significantly disrupted.

After Universal Credit, is Settled Status be the next administrative nightmare in waiting for 3 million EU citizens?

the3million is asking the Government to seriously consider its alternative proposal to settled status to prevent such disruptions. (available at

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the3million is campaigning for an alternative proposal to the Government’s proposal settled status

EU citizens are worried and 90% of our members have reacted negatively to the news. They are asking why should we pay a fee to continue to live here? We are not criminal so why a blanket criminal check on 3 million people? What discretionary powers will Home Office caseworkers have? Will the system prevent erroneous deportation?

the3million is strongly rejecting the allegation that citizens groups are being consulted. We were invited to one focus group meeting last week. We raised the issue of appeal rights and the issue of bringing 3 million people under the Home Office’s hostile environment but we were told this was out of scope of the consultation.

Like British in Europe, we are still to meet David Davis after 501 days being in limbo so it’s hard to believe the Government is truly putting #citizensB4politics.”🔷

(Cover: Wikipedia / Ilovetheeu - The pro-EU march from Hyde Park to Westminster in London on March 25, 2017, to mark 60 years since the EU's founding agreement, the Treaty of Rome.)



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