Donna Brazile revealed in her book (that I haven’t yet read) what many of us already knew; 2016 Democratic Primaries were rigged in Hillary’s favor.”

After a day’s worth of coverage about the revelation, Hillary Clinton needed rescuing, but as in all matters concerning Mrs. Clinton, vindication is not enough, she stipulates credit as well. Thus appeared a leaked memo, though dubious for the unbiased, it was credible enough for the mainstream media to completely bury the issue and extend credit for saving a near-bankrupt DNC to the de-facto empress of liberal America.

Although Democrats exposing corruption within the DNC is a welcome precedent, Donna Brazile herself is not a bastion of ethical sanctity. She worked for the DNC and CNN simultaneously during the entire election cycle. Despite having more conflicts of interest than a slutty nun, CNN continued employing Donna and only fired her once the WikiLeaks emails surfaced, so the question arises why then is she coming out against Hillary now?

Besides the issue of selling her book, it indicates that Democratic establishment and Democratic voters have realized that Hillary Clinton was never electable and to have any chance of winning in 2020, they ought to appeal to the populist voters they disenfranchised in 2016 by disparaging Bernie in favor of the establishment-friendly Democratic nominee.

It’s not just Donna Brazile; Senator Elizabeth Warren, an ardent Clinton supporter, appeared on CNN and replied ‘Yes’ when Jake Tapper asked her if the primaries were rigged in Hillary’s favor, but fell well short of calling for an investigation into the Democratic Primaries to ensure the voters that 2016 mistakes would not subsist into 2020.

I try to keep emotion out of politics, but this was all very personal to me; coming to terms with the idea that Mainstream Media colluded with a corrupt party to cheat away the candidate of my choice with no repercussions whatsoever, seemed very nostalgic. It took me back to 2008 and 2012 when Fox, ABC, MSNBC, CNN all turned against Ron Paul labeling him a radical when all he wanted to do was return to the Constitution, restore Civil Liberties of American citizens, balance the budget and bring US troops home.

Ron Paul. (Flickr / Gage Skidmore)

To this day, I haven’t deviated from Ron Paul’s principles and coming out in favor of Bernie Sanders in 2016 surprised those close to me who wondered how I had gone from wanting a smaller US Government, lower taxes, not incentivizing financial carelessness to a bigger more engaged Federal Government, higher taxes and granting amnesties to financially irresponsible citizens.

The fact of the matter is that both Democrats and Republicans are corrupt to the core and have arguably diverged from their respective traditional messages. The traditional Republican positions were everything that Ron Paul stood for; balanced budgets, non-interventionist foreign policies, smaller Government, ending wars etc. but in contrast to his fellow Republicans and even Democratic Candidates, he appeared nothing short of a radical.

In 2008, it was John McCain who won the Republican nomination despite having supported Bush and Cheney’s Iraq War and even vowing to keep US troops on Iraqi soil for as long as 100 years. This was perhaps one of the most obvious breakaways from Republican stances by a Republican candidate in the modern era since just eight years ago; President George W. Bush had won the Presidency on the promise of pursuing a ‘humble foreign policy’. As opposed to Ron Paul’s stance of cutting the military funding, ending the bombing of foreign nations and shutting down US military establishments around the world, McCain wanted to ‘rebuild the military’ in case America invaded Iran and add to the hundreds of operational military bases America already had.

Then in 2012, it was Mitt Romney, a Democrat in every way but the title. How he got nominated for Presidency is beyond me. He instated a health care plan as Governor of Massachusetts that had a common DNA with “Obamacare”, and then ran for Presidency with the promise of repealing it. Maybe it was the fact that the economy hadn’t quite recovered, the unemployment was still too high, and Conservatives thought that they needed an accomplished businessman to fix the economy, but the very opinion that Federal Government should be in charge of running the economy goes against conventional Republican principles and the Constitution. Congressman Paul, on the other hand, wanted to abolish Federal Reserve along with several other Federal agencies (not that Federal Reserve is a Government agency), return to the Gold standard and take away power from the Government to bail out big businesses.

During the primary debates and interviews, the moderators and interviewers ridiculed Congressman Paul for his views to help the electability chances of establishment-friendly politicians, which is precisely what happened to Senator Sanders. Despite their vastly different policies, the establishment feared Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders just the same.

Where President Ron Paul would have used his extensive knowledge of the Constitution to restore the founders’ vision, President Bernie with his far-left policies would have left his fellow Washingtonians with no choice but to reset power dynamics back to the pre-Great-Depression era.

Emasculating the Executive Branch

Over the last few decades, the Presidency has assigned itself too much authority to the extent that it does not seem out of the ordinary to have a President legislate by way of Executive Orders. The Congress has willingly allowed the Presidency to spiral out of control given that both parties have had alternate control of the White House over the decades. Although the Constitution does give the president the power to issue Executive Orders, whether he should legislate via the privilege is debatable amongst constitutional and ethical experts.

Had Bernie or Ron Paul won the Presidency, we would have seen both parties push against the Executive branch to keep the president in line. They would strive to take as much power away from the White House as possible, which would have restored the balance of power between the three branches of Government to a pre-WWII era.

In fact, taking away power from the Executive branch was exactly what Ron Paul sought to do. He even suggested cutting his pay once he won the Presidency since ‘he would be doing so little.’

Ending Military Industrial Complex

President Sanders would want more money to fund his socialist programs; free health care, free college etc. whereas President Paul would want smaller budgets so the people could keep more of their money. Both expressed their plans to cut military funding (different from defense funding) and bring US troops back home shutting down hundreds of American military bases on foreign lands and oceans. This had the potential of saving the American public trillions of dollars within a decade. On top of this, Ron Paul wanted to abolish the CIA because ‘they cause a lot of mischiefs.’

On top of slashing military funding, both appeared cautious about starting new wars while their rivals unanimously supported pre-emptive strikes against nations that did not pose a reasonable threat to the United States. Even on the issue of Iran, both Senator Sanders and Congressman Paul thought that Obama administration had been too tough on Iran and expressed their desire to hold talks instead of carelessly threatening them with military intervention during primary debates for the sake of appearing ‘electable’ to their voters.

Lifting Sanctions off Nations

Neither Paul nor Sanders thought that sanctions were useful in attaining nuclear disarmament of Iran and North Korea (or any other nation for that matter). They understood that sanctions only hurt citizens of the targeted nation and consolidated the dictator’s hold on power by birthing the anti-American sentiment in the general population. They believed that the international sanctions were futile and served only as a precursor to wars and the only way to have friendly relations with foreign nations was to have free trade with them. Congressman Paul cited Cuba as an example to explain how ineffective American sanctions had been in deterring Castro’s power.

Ending the War on Drugs

Bernie Sanders vowed to legalize marijuana as President of the United States on the Federal level, whereas Ron Paul did not believe that Federal Government had any role in regulating drugs in the first place, let alone criminalizing them. Congressman Paul supported the states’ rights to legalize any kind of drugs they wanted, cocaine, heroin, marijuana etc., a position supported by the Constitution.

Furthermore, he believed that we ought to treat drug users as people suffering from sickness instead of as criminals. In an ABC interview, he conceded the absurdity of Federal Government imprisoning aids and cancer patients for smoking marijuana on medicinal grounds.

Senator Sanders would have done much the same though I have no reason to believe that he would have taken the authority of criminalizing all drugs from the federal government. That is not to say that he wouldn’t have agreed with Ron Paul’s stance to treat drug users instead of locking them up especially given the current opioid epidemic in America.

Restoring Honesty To the White House

In any democracy that exists in the world today, no leader has lied to its people more than the American presidents have lied to theirs. In times when Americans don’t trust the politicians (which is why they elected a complete outsider to fix the system), having as honest a person as Ron Paul or Bernie Sanders serving as the president would have restored the White House, its’ long lost credibility. From Nixon to Bill Clinton to VP Cheney to Obama, all lied on several occasions not for the good of their people but for their personal political gains.

Bernie Sanders was blunt about his proposals; he didn’t sugarcoat or conceal anything in order to appeal to the ‘independent and moderate voters’ like Hillary needed to. He calls himself a socialist no matter who he is in front of. I despise Socialism, but I commend Senator Sanders for being honest about his stances.

Ron Paul also stayed true to his positions even when faced with a question from a senior living on Social Security in Florida; he vowed to eliminate it along with Medicare and Medicaid. Plus during a debate in 2012, he was asked about Obama in front a Republican crowd and he said that he had ‘a lot of things in common with President Obama in that both of them attracted young crowds and gave people hope’ when all of his fellow Republicans were like ‘he is too soft on Iran, does not believe in American exceptionalism etc.’

You could count on Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders to ALWAYS tell the truth and never to purposefully mislead the American people. You can disagree with their policies, but you KNOW where they stand.

Thoughts on Socialism

Socialism is not the answer. More Government, more bureaucrats, more politicians always lead to higher costs and reduced quality.

According to the Constitution; people have a right to their life and liberty, not to someone else’s services.

Ever since the federal government intervened in the education policy, the quality of education in America has gone down while the costs have gone up.

Cato Institute

On top of this, the U.S. Constitution does not give Federal Government the power to dictate national education policy, constitutional experts deem it as a State issue and that is how it ought to be addressed.

The same could be said about the health care system in America. There is this perception that people would die on the streets if they had no coverage but if you look at what happened to patients who had no money before when Medicaid was passed, you don’t come across incidents when people were denied care because they didn’t have insurance or means to pay for their treatment. There were Churches and Church Hospitals who took care of such people, even illegals received required medical treatment who today are not covered under the Government mandate.

Plus when Churches accepted people into their care, the hospitals always charged them the minimum amount but since now the federal government is stuck with the bill, hospitals around the nation always charge the highest sum.


Just because the ‘rest of the developed countries’ have transcended into Socialist Democracies, doesn’t mean that America must as well. The thing that made America Great in the first place was the U.S. Constitution and her Free-Market principles, which assured individual liberties and took Government out of the business of mandating virtue.

Any genuine cries to “Make America Great Again” would entail calls to return to the Constitution that premised American race upon a set of principles and values, instead of blood and soil.🔷

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