The good ole boys club created by men like Roy Moore has to end. Protecting men who harm young women and girls is unconscionable and does not belong in our society.

Roy Moore is among the thousands of men who allegedly violate women. He is the example of a serial predator and is part of the hypocrisy of white right-wingers who claim to “fight for the unborn,” but fail to protect the innocent that is living.

In 2017, America is fighting whether or not an alleged child molester should be elected to the U.S. Senate, and Donald Trump who is also a predator of women has said nothing about this issue. Donald Trump argues with black athletes saying “get the son of bitches off the field.”

What we need is not to have Roy Moore running for office and win, giving him the ability to govern millions of people and make laws. It illustrates how deeply fragmented our democracy is. He is not a person who should be in authority of position; after being removed twice for the supreme court in Alabama, Roy Moore is not qualified to be a Senator or in any position in our nation’s government.

It is upsetting that for too long the good ole boys club has protected men like Roy Moore and climbed into power without any repercussion. In 2017, our nation, state and local governments should not have men like Roy Moore in the position of power.

“We are talking about Moore’s alleged abuse because it represents depraved criminality. But his open lawlessness has been on display for decades.” Slate.

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When sexual misconduct arise, when men like Roy Moore are busted, we have to look back at history and review the decorum of men. If Roy Moore lawlessness was displayed for decades in Alabama, he should not have been elected twice to the Alabama Supreme court. If Roy Moore lawlessness was displayed for decades, the Republican Party should not have allowed him to run for this Senate or any seat. At some point, the good old boys club have a duty not to allow Roy Moore or men like him to run for office and have any position of power. The good ole boys club is equally responsible because they promote the behavior that Roy Moore displays and help cover it up.

According to Meriam-Webster, the good ole boys club is “usually a white southern who conforms to the values, culture or behavior of his peers.” This term was created in the 1800s, a time where the good ole boys were the only people who had the right to vote, hold public office and were able to get away with the intolerant behavior that does not fit into our society in 2017.

Roy Moore is the definition of a good ole boy because he has conformed to their culture by being protected by men who have displayed disgusting behavior towards women and have a mindset that promotes the support and divisiveness Donald Trump is illustrating.

A support of men who harm children is unconscionable, and the people supporting Roy Moore are deplorable human beings. The good ole boys club does not represent what it means to be a decent human being and this “club” does not represent what we the people want in our nation. The actions of Roy Moore are shocking, however, what is more shocking is that men like him have gotten away with it for too long and the good ole boy system for decades has helped them in covering up their disgusting decorum.

As a nation, and with Donald Trump who is also part of the good ole boys club, we have to end this system. It does not belong in our society and we no longer live in an era where men like Roy Moore have sole authority.🔷

(Cover: CNN - Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, 11 November 2017.)



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