It’s often said that Trump is a poor man’s idea of a rich man. He lives in a home that looks like it was designed by the same guy who did Saddam Hussein’s palaces. Unsure whether the public will be sufficiently impressed by a mere penthouse in one of the most expensive areas in the world, he covers every available surface in tacky gold leaf.

Can you imagine actually living there?

Compare that with the home of someone who’s worth 10 times as much as Trump: the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffet's modest home. (Flickr / Edward Stojakovic

Ever seen the inside of that home? Of course you haven’t. Buffet doesn’t need to impress anyone, and never has.

And that brings us to the second Trump Truism: He’s a dumb guy’s idea of a smart one.

“I have all the best words.” If so, why not use a couple of them? Then you wouldn’t have to spend so much time trying to persuade us that statement has some basis in truth.

He claimed his primary advisor on foreign affairs was himself, because “I have a very good brain.” Sadly, it’s not good enough to know just how vast his ignorance is.

But this piece is about completing the trifecta: Trump is a tiny man’s idea of the biggest man in the room.

Look: he’s the president of the United States. We know that. We stand when he enters a room because of that. If we’ve got instruments to hand we play “Hail To The Chief” to mark that. He doesn’t have to do anything and he wins the Biggest Willy In The Bath contest. But — and this is going to sound strange, given his massive ego — Donald Trump has never believed in Donald Trump.

That’s why when he gets on a Thanksgiving videocall to our troops overseas he talks about how great a job he’s doing at home — rather than thanking them for their service, and showing empathy for the fact they’re away from family and friends for the holiday.

It’s why he always insults someone in front of the cameras — most recently by attacking Elizabeth Warren using a slur about Indians while standing in front of a painting of Andrew “Indian Killer” Jackson.

It’s why he tweets that he’s the most successful “10 month president” in history, despite not having passed a single piece of significant legislation.

He doesn’t understand that part of being “presidential” is NOT responding to every punch thrown in your direction.

He doesn’t understand that tearing down others — especially those on your own team — doesn’t make you stand taller by comparison.

He doesn’t understand that you can’t cover up failure, no matter how much gold glitter you spray on.

You’d think that winning the presidential election — or at least the Electoral College — would be enough to fill the hole in his psyche.

Sadly, dangerously, you’d be wrong.🔷

(Cover: Dreamstime / Antonio Gravante - Entrance of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan.)