Just when you think Donald Trump couldn’t go any lower, he starts drilling through the bedrock.

Yesterday he retweeted three anti-Muslim hate videos originally posted by a far-right British group, winning praise from the especially deplorable dark corners of his base:


For those of you who don’t know him, David Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the KKK. When he endorsed Trump for president, Donald claimed he’d never heard of the guy— despite being caught on tape multiple times talking (unfavorably, in those Happier Days Of Yore) about him.

It turns out none of the videos showed what Trump wanted them to. The video of a “Muslim” attacking an Aryan on crutches turned out to be a dark-haired Dutchman fighting with a blonde one. Another (horrifying) video showed a man being pushed off a roof; this took place in Egypt, and was a fight between opposing political parties. The third video, showing a religious statue being smashed, was also from overseas.

When challenged, Trump SpokesLiar Sarah Sanders said it doesn’t matter if the videos are real because “the threat is real.”

That, in a nutshell, is the Trump presidency.

Trump talks more about FAKE NEWS (always in angry caps) than he does policy. Yet when he’s caught making some of his own, his apologists say that the ends justify the means. The man only pretends to care about truth and accuracy; what he really cares about is fawning press coverage.

But that’s not the reason for this column. Think about “the threat is real.” Translation: Muslims are going to kill us. That is why we need the Muslim ban. That is why we need the wall (even though few Mexicans are Muslims). That is why we need to cut immigration in half. That is why we need to bomb multiple countries in the Middle East, without a hint of strategy or an end game.

We must keep the evil Muslims away from god-fearing Republicans like Judge Roy Moore.

All the talk about “extreme vetting” is a lie. The Muslim ban isn’t about the ability to screen would-be visitors. It is about closing our doors to 1.8 billion people who don’t share America’s new state religion: evangelical Christianity.

Does Trump really care about Muslims? Probably not. He doesn’t care about much of anything other than himself, money and Ivanka. But he does care about remaining in the White House, and on every news broadcast, and in every Thanksgiving dinner conversation. Evangelicals are the largest single religious group in the country, at 26.3% of the population (Catholics are 22%). By giving them something to hate, Trump keeps them angry and firmly in his camp.

Both of which he’s going to need if he’s going to avoid impeachment.

It is a totally self-serving strategy that greatly increases the risk of violence while falsely slandering hundreds of millions of people.

You can’t get any lower than that.

I hope.🔷

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