The GOP has a problem. And its name is Roy Moore.

Pretty much everyone in Alabama who doesn’t think the Virgin Birth is a story promoting the virtues of sex with underaged women is convinced Moore should step aside.

But Big Daddy needs to repeal the estate tax. And electing a Democrat to Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat would cut the GOP margin to one vote.

So how do you come out against sexual predators generally while urging people to vote for one specific kiddie fiddler? You reach for a big helping of hypothetical: “If the accusations prove true…”

That was working about as well as it could, given that the head of the party is a confessed serial assaulter. But then the formerly coherent Kellyanne Conway gave away the game in response to a direct question from the softballers at Fox & Friends.

Asked whether she was saying “So vote Judge Moore?”, Conway replied “I’m telling you that we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through.”

So, yes. Put your morals on the shelf and vote for the pervert.

But there is another option. Donald Trump could have shown some leadership. He could have condemned Roy Moore’s behavior, and said it made him unfit to serve in the Senate. He could have said the GOP has zero tolerance for preying on teenagers. He could have said that he personally did not support ex-Judge Moore. And then he could have urged the faithful to write in the name of a Republican who *didn’t *molest a 14-year-old.

He didn’t, of course. The man who boasts he has the courage NOT to be politically correct ran away every time he was asked a question about The Alabama A··hole. He sent out Huckster Saunders to keep the press at bay. And then he released Conway to spell out what he was thinking but afraid to say out loud.

None of this should be surprising. With Donald Trump, it’s all about the win. Backing a write-in isn’t without risks; why take them when it’s so much easier to welcome a sex offender to the Capitol building?

After all, we want the votes.🔷

(Cover: Instagram / JudgeMooreForSenate.)