Senator Al Franken returned to work on Monday, after apologising for sexual misconduct against multiple women. Vowing to regain the public’s trust in him, Franken stated that “this will never happen again.”

He has done his best to tip-toe around the issue, by not really confirming or denying the allegations, merely empathizing with the women's feelings.

No matter how hard Franken tries to move on, it will be impossible to do so as long as these types of allegations keep dominating headlines. On Wednesday, TV host and NBC icon Matt Lauer was dropped from the company, after allegations of his own sexual misconduct emerged. Twitter and the media exploded, and the allegations sent shock waves through NBC, putting the network’s executives on the defensive.

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Every time a new man is brought down because of sexual assault allegations, the spotlight will be shown on Al Franken. He is still in his position of power as a high-ranking member of the Democratic Party, and as such still has much to lose. A Republican might be able to afford similar allegations; just look at Roy Moore. But the Democrats are seen as more sympathetic to women and minorities, and they cannot afford to keep Franken with them while touting the importance of upholding women’s testimonies and rights.

This morning, another woman came forward, accusing Al Franken of sexually assaulting her in 2003, when she was an active-duty military member stationed in Kuwait. If Al Franken refuses to step down, allegations will keep mounting, and he will continue to be connected to other men whose abuse of power is repeatedly being exposed. Democrats don’t want to force a popular, powerful, and loyal Party member out, but soon they will have to.🔷

(Cover: Flickr / Joe Kekeris/AFL-CIO America's Unions.)