Pick up any newspaper, turn on any news channel and it is not difficult to indulge into the fallacy that Donald Trump is the root cause of the rot in America and not just a mere symptom of it.

That prior to his Presidency, White Supremacy did not exist, hate crimes seldom took place, American Presidents never lied, and Democrats were always preferable to Republicans. That everything was hunky dory; everyone had equal rights not just in theory, but also in practice and was subject to the same treatment under the law, the principles of free market and individual liberty reigned supreme, and you actually needed a driving license to compete in NASCAR.

Throughout the American history, the legislation has always followed the morality of the nation instead of the other way around. Leading up to the civil rights act was the years-long struggle of socially conscious Americans who spotted the injustice that persisted in this one nation under God. Passing the Civil Rights Act was the obvious step once the Civil War ended, yet it took us almost a century to end segregation because one cannot fight moral change into a nation. It has to evolve on its’ own.

The same thing happened with abortion in America. Leading up to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade in 1971 were increasing divorce rates in America that mainly cited ‘infidelity’ as the reason for separation. As a result of hippie movement that began in the 1960s, unsafe sex and marijuana seemed indistinguishable from the American culture and given sex education was not a part of school education until 1978, the need for legal abortion grew not just on social platform but also even on medical grounds since illegalization of abortions, didn’t prevent abortions. Much like the war on drugs hasn’t impeded drug trade.

Trump Hates Muslims though

The Muslim ban is no different. Donald Trump is the first Republican to really spell out his acrimony toward Muslims, not rich Muslims though, just the poor ones. Before him, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Ted Cruz all had feelings of animosity toward Muslims and expressed it in subtle but unambiguous ways. Even the basis of their support for Israel doesn’t stem from their concern for the chosen people but because they see the nation of Israel as a countering force to Muslim influence in the Middle East. Democrats also support Israel unequivocally but they do it to win over ‘independent and moderate voters’ who unsuspectingly have come to expect the unquestionable support of Israel as a pre-requisite for a Presidential run. While Republicans’ support for Israel has much to do with their religious faith, they want Israel (and as much of the Middle East as possible) under Jewish control for when ‘you know who’ comes back.

He Hates Poor People

The proposals for ‘healthcare being a right’ are also an effect of America’s changing morality. Americans are inherently generous people, willing to donate not only to rescue but also rehabilitate the same people they helped destroy, of course, the billions to rebuild nations come from private citizens whereas the funds to undermine statesmen come from the Government. Furthermore, whether it’s Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or Food stamps, Democrats over the decades for the sake of safeguarding votes have made Americans overly dependent on the Federal Government, and thus where we stand right now, offering universal healthcare seems to be the only logical step going forward. But all these programs do is incentivize financial recklessness since they diminish personal accountability to the last degree. America was never meant to be welfare or a warfare nation; sadly she has become both in defiance of the greatest constitution the man has ever written.

What about Mexicans?

The disdain for Mexicans has been brewing for years if not decades but that is mainly due to a poor economy and the failure of American education system to produce a competent and adaptable workforce. Further aggravating this economic uncertainty is automation of certain professions that require minimal oversight from a human. Americans wouldn’t mind immigrant workforce as long as the economy was such that it allowed the private sector to create more than mere seasonal jobs. But given the economy is not what it used to be and will only get worse given the Federal Reserve’s fiscal and monetary policy, Americans aren’t so forgiving when it comes to their finances. And since looking for scapegoats is as American as an M-1 Garand, Trump and his most ardent supporters blame Mexicans for ‘stealing jobs’ and for bringing drugs into the United States while they remain silent about American businesses that employ an illegal workforce and the CIA for endowing drug cartels with ammunition and heavy weaponry to prop up their trade in Southern America.


I love how the media has all of a sudden become fastidious about virtue on the Capitol Hill. It’s almost as if Donald Trump is the first President ever to tell a lie. I am not saying we should give him a pass but the thing is that Trump lies when he doesn’t need to about things that don’t matter. President Obama lied about ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan quit bombing Pakistan and Yemen, doing more to protect civilians in war zones, scrapping the Patriot’s act, promising that if you liked your doctor, you would be allowed to keep her etc., you know all the big Government important stuff. While President Trump lies about crowd sizes, the size of his dick, his net worth, I.Q., and memory, you know all the trivial stuff.

He surely Hates Media though

Every time Trump tweets about the mainstream media or mentions them in his Press conferences, news-anchors lose their mind and look directly at the camera with big puppy eyes as if asking the viewer for sympathy while constantly patting themselves on the back for reporting under a hostile President, oh so courageous! But again, Trump calls them fake news, he is not locking people up for disrespecting him like Woodrow Wilson, John Adams or the favorite President of people who don’t know history; Abraham Lincoln. The media equate Trump to Nixon at every chance they get but you know what, they will never compare him to Abraham Lincoln even if he were to lock journalists and editors up for criticizing him, jeez I wonder why, can’t be that putting him into the same light as Lincoln would go against their narrative, can it?

But… But…

This notion that Trump is the embodiment of all that’s wrong with America is a false narrative that the media push to keep us glued to our screens. Not everything Trump says will be relevant within a week from now so don’t succumb to the sensationalism that Trump and Media create. Focus on the proposed legislative changes instead of getting lost in the politics of Melania’s footwear, and Trump’s tweets.🔷

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