Once again the self-proclaimed maker of “the best deals” blew it.

Whatever you think of his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the way he did it was a disaster.

At a time when the massively overhyped Jared is trying to cement his place in history by bringing Peace to the Middle East, Trump gave the Israelis a huge Christmas present and got nothing in exchange.

He also infuriated most of the Muslim nations in the region, for no apparent purpose.

And he further alienated the Palestinians, right when he needs their trust and cooperation.

This isn’t his first dud deal. He caved to “Chuck & Nancy” on raising the debt limit, simply because he had grown bored by the debate. In exchange for humiliating McConnell and Ryan — who were sitting in the room at the time — he got… zilch.

He went from “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country” to “Who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country to the benefit of its citizens?” in exchange for a lavish welcome and some sightseeing in Beijing.

He said he would renegotiate the Paris Accords; every other country in the world Just-Said-No.

TPP went ahead without the US after he withdrew.

He promised to get a “great deal” in his renegotiation of NAFTA. So far, he’s got squat.

The Israel decision is pandering to the evangelical base that is his safeguard against impeachment. But a smarter, more patient negotiator would have saved the announcement for use as a bargaining chip — either to pressure the Palestinians or reward the Israelis.

Trump can’t control his impulses — as shown most recently when he tweeted evidence of obstruction of justice. And that makes him a truly terrible deal-maker.

Regardless of what it says in *“The Art of the Deal.”*🔷

(Cover: Dreamstime / Gelia - Jerusalem view from the Olive mountain.)



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