Y’all got hosed. Again.

Here’s how the grift worked:

  1. Trump claimed this is “the biggest tax cut in history.” It’s not. The biggest in dollar terms came from Obama. Reagan delivered the biggest in percentage terms. But the lie got people thinking about the “great big beautiful Christmas present” Uncle Donald was going to give them.

  1. The bill was rushed through the Senate. 479 pages of give-aways arriving at the last minute so that no one had time to examine the fine print. Only one expert was called to testify. There were no public hearings. Now ask yourself: if the bill was as great as Trump says it is, why keep it hidden from American taxpayers? Why not hold months of hearings — as was done with Obamacare — so that the public could see that the plan stands up to scrutiny?

  2. Diversions and distractions. This is a Trump specialty. The man is a certified genius when it comes to running a con. What’s more, he’s realized that if he can keep his base behind him on Values issues, he can take your money with both hands while you’re otherwise enraged. So he fills Twitter with rants about the NFL, LeVar Ball, Hillary’s emails and the Fake News — anything to take your eye off the fact he’s grabbing money from Medicare to pay for $1–4 billion he will personally save from the elimination of the Estate Tax.

No one should be surprised by any of this. Trump built his fortune — assuming it actually exists — by extracting money from businesses he was in the process of destroying. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s the man himself talking about his failed casinos: I made a lot of money in Atlantic City, and I’m very proud of it.

So once again, lots of hardworking Americans will suffer so that Donald Trump can add another layer of gold to the seatbelts on his private jet. And unless the people who voted for him wise up and speak out, the running con will continue.🔷

(Cover: Dreamstime / Fabian Meseberg - Dome of the US Capitol Building.)



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