The inherent bad Trump has done, has scared Americans. This fear has woken many of us up and asked us to analyze and protect our system. By being so horrible, Trump has prompted Americans to pay attention.

You can probably already tell that I am not a Trump supporter, in fact I am strongly biased against him. Not only am I disgusted by his history of sexual abuse and his lifestyle choices in general, I think he’s a horrible politician whose purpose as president has been infused by self interest and ego.

1. Showing women (and men) that they need to stand up for their rights.

On Trump’s first full day in office a Women’s March took place in Washington, and around the world, it was the largest march ever recorded. Women, men and children from a plethora of nationalities banned together to stand against Trump. This uproar of a reaction was caused by a lot of different reasons, but mainly because everything Trump stands for seemingly slashes the progression of women’s rights. We marched in solidarity in protest of him, and in protection of our fundamental rights.

As a women most days since Trumps inauguration I wake up fearful, wondering which one of my rights will be taken away today. His first few weeks in office he enforced an executive order that cut government funding to any and all non governmental organizations worldwide, if said organization offered or even discussed abortion in its processes. This cut funding to many international organizations that aid women in developing countries with no other resources. This means most of these women will now go without healthcare, and that many of the people employed to these organization will go without a job.

More recently, and nationally, he’s ratified legislation that aim to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood (and other organizations that perform abortions). While conservatives celebrated this victory they neglected to realize that the federal funding previously granted to Planned Parenthood was not allowed to be allocated towards their abortion services. This legislation is therefore primarily intrusive on many other services that Planned Parenthood provided (for example services related to pregnancy care, fertility, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and breast and cervical cancer).

We’ve digressed back to to a time where women have little control or say over their own reproductive rights. While many women are frightful for our futures, this administration’s infringement on our rights has showed us the critical importance of standing up for ourselves, and our rights.

2. Finding understanding in Trump’s intolerance

When Trump’s initial executive order on the travel ban was introduced, peaceful protests at airports happened around the country. In Arizona, our airport was surrounded by Arizonans protesting for the civil rights of any and all immigrants. This was a “Muslim” travel ban, seeing as Trump was attempting to only allow non-Muslims in from the Middle East. Still, I noticed a majority of non-Muslims standing up for Muslims. In fact, the protesters at the airport were mainly Mexican and Hispanic.

I quickly understood that this was because in Arizona, many Mexicans had been constantly persecuted by the law. In recent years our state’s legislation allowed cops to pull over anyone who looked hispanic and ask them for their legal documentation. They had felt the unjustified wrath of prejudice and now jumped at the opportunity to protect another ethnic groups civil rights. In this extremely dark moment I saw a beautiful light.

I saw understanding.

Trump’s rhetoric tends mimic xenophobia, and promotes chauvinistic ideals, which trickle down from the top and pollute many by promoting intolerance. Even so, many of us band together in protection of a group’s civil rights. With this, we understand that if one group isn’t allowed justice and rights, none of us truly have civil rights in America.

Trump’s un-American disregard for refugees, immigrants and migrants has empowered American citizens to stand up for everyone’s civil rights.

3. Making us pay attention to our politicians and care about our health care

One of the first versions of “Trumpcare” considered rape a preexisting condition. The more recent versions has vowed to cut trillions of dollars to Medicaid and the US healthcare system, leaving millions of disabled Americans with no healthcare. The most infuriating part of all of this is that these cuts to healthcare, the money taken out of the healthcare system, will be redistributed and result in making the already rich, richer.

The new GOP Health Care Bill will cut healthcare to millions of Americans.

The thought of that is grim, but if we focus on the positive: this is the third version of the bill that has had to be presented. This means many of our representatives are working to shut this bill down, causing the republican party to rewrite the bill twice. While a passing of this bill would be devastating to millions, the bill has improved extremely since it’s initial appearance.

These continuous unjust legislations have caused a majority of the public to keep up with what is going on in congress and in our senate. The more we see our rights being taken away the more we a forced to stand up and defend our rights. As terrified as we are, Trump has showed us to stand up and do something even though you are scared. In these frightful moments we want to cower and suppress, but we resist and instead we stand up against this administration. We care about what our government is doing, and that is a very good thing for America.🔷

(This piece was first published in The Blog!)

(Cover: Hayley Gilmore.)