In a desperate attempt to hide his disgusting comments, the newly appointed to the Office for Students board (the government’s new universities regulator) Toby Young first deleted his article on new year’s day. But since screenshots of the controversial article have massively circulated on social media, the article is now back online again, but this time with an added explanation from its author at the bottom. What was the article about?

First published in January 2018.

Tory spokesman and Free School advocate Toby Young, writing in The Spectator, thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools.

No – I’m not exaggerating – he really does say that wheelchair ramps in schools are an example of ‘ghastly, politically correct’ inclusiveness as well as comparing disabled children to “illiterate troglodytes”:

Toby Young / No Sacred Cows Blog

Of course, if you’re in a wheelchair – wheelchair ramps are not just political correctness. Not having a ramp WILL exclude you.

But perhaps Sun columnist Toby Young thinks that educating children who can’t walk would in some way mean more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education in our schools?

As opposed, presumably, to allowing more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education by accepting children of the rich and influential who fail their exams into exclusive universities? (bear with me and I’ll explain what I mean by that in a moment).

This nonsense about excluding children with disabilities is particularly interesting if you consider the fact that it was Toby’s father, Michael Young, who coined the phrase meritocracy – you know... the seemingly radical idea that people’s position in society should be based on merit rather than on what family they were born into or what school they went to.

His father, a Labour peer, must be turning in his grave.

Still – Toby likes to boast about how he is a perfect example of how anyone can succeed because he still managed to get a place at Oxford despite failing most of his O’ Levels.

He managed to do this because apparently Brasenose College, Oxford sent him a letter of acceptance ‘by mistake’ (No – I’m not making this up).

Of course Toby, you were accepted into Oxford ‘by mistake’.

It had nothing to do with the fact your father was MP and life peer, Baron Young, and your mother a well-known artist, writer and BBC Radio producer.

No – it was just a mistake – the kind of ‘mistakes’ which only seem to happen to the children of the rich, the influential or the well-known.

Toby – I’d like to explain to you why excluding disabled children who use wheelchairs from schools is not one of your best ideas, by making a technical point about biology – clearly one of the O’ Level subjects you must have failed.

People don’t think with their f*ing legs you bonehead.

Toby Young / No Sacred Cows Blog
Toby Young / No Sacred Cows Blog

After Toby Young’s infantile idiocy, why not refresh your brain with some much needed common sense from on the important subject of inclusion and exclusion in education: Integration or Inclusion?🔷

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[This piece was originally published on Tom Pride’s blog and re-published in PMP Magazine on 2 January 2018, with the author’s consent. | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

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