Surviving 2017 was not just a miracle; it was the biggest accomplishment with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

There is no doubt the world and our nation were in shock at the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and what could possibly happen in the year to follow, 2017. A lot took place with Donald Trump in office. We knew he was not capable of being a leader and that our nation was in trouble. From the transgender ban to passing the horrible tax law adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit, here is a compilation of the major political stories of 2017 with Trump costing America to lose its superpower status in the world. Recapping 2017, let’s begin:

1. Alabama Senate Race-Thank God Doug Jones won!

Doug Jones winning the Alabama senate race is the best highlight for 2017. The Alabama senate race will go down in history as a WTF for the Republican Party, and ask the question how did the greatest country get to this point. The mere fact the GOP and the president supported child molester Roy Moore is despicable and says to the world and children who are victims of sexual abuse that our leaders do not care. Moreover, it’s even more despicable that Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama stated she would support Roy Moore despite the allegations. For a woman to side with a man who harms teenage girls is a terrible message of supporting party and politics over the safety of children.

The bright side of the 2018 midterms is Alabama being able to elect a respectable Governor who sides with the safety of children and not politics. Another bright side of the Alabama Senate race is the turnout of black women at 97 percent, propelling Doug Jones to win the election. Based on this chart and numerous other data, Doug Jones and the Democratic Party owes black women not just a thank you, the Democratic Party owes black women, the backbone of the party-words of DNC chairman Tom Perez, a lot more. What the Democratic party owes black women is a front row seat at the table with their strategies and leadership abilities to make the party better and to help elect more candidates like Doug Jones.

2. Tax Bill

Not only did we survive the first crazy year with Donald Trump in office, but the only “accomplishment” of the GOP and Trump was passing a terrible tax bill at the end of the year. The tax bill adds $1.5 trillion to the deficit. From 2010 until the GOP stopped lying about how much they care about the deficit and want to cut in it half, and how America should stop borrowing money from China, this tax bill does the complete opposite. No longer does the GOP argue about being fiscally conservative and the party wanting to end wasteful government spending. Adding $1.5 trillion to the deficit will be costly for my generation-millennials and future generations because we are the ones who will have to pay for this debt.

3. Net Neutrality

Another bad decision to rescind another legitimate President Obama policies is net neutrality. First, net neutrality is defined as all ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) must treat all data and internet the same and not change differently by user, content, website platform, application, a method of communication. In short, ISP’s now can discriminate data and information; they now can promote whatever they want whether it is accurate or not. Sidebar: the rescinding of net neutrality is like rescinding Jim Crow laws to discriminate against black people, but without the brutality of physical harm.

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800,000 young adults who were brought to America to for opportunities and a better life will be forced to go back to a country they have never known. 2017 was the year of bad policy decisions because Donald Trump rescinded DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival Program) that helps many young adults attend college and get jobs to help provide for their families. Also, rescinding DACA will cost the U.S. $200 billion, that is money our nation cannot afford to lose. Every bad decision on rescinding president Obama policies economically hurts our nation in the long term.

5. Transgender Bans

In Trump style when it comes to policy decisions, he tweeted transgendered people are no longer needed to serve in the military. This was simply discrimination against an entire group of people who proudly server our nation, with honor, dignity, and respect to put their life on the line for millions of Americans. This was an insult to transgender people and the community. Trump's tweets illustrate his incompetence and clear lack of understanding of our military and leadership. In September, however, General Mattis stated that the transgender ban would not take place until further research.

6. Militarizing local law enforcement

Beginning in 2015 with the deaths of young black men being killed by police officers, the issue of militarizing our local law enforcement became a hot-button issue. In a special by John Oliver, he criticized small cities like Doraville, GA, for having a military tank for only a population of 8,000 people.

What sparked the issue of local law enforcement in militarized were the images of local law enforcement wearing military gear which angered many people. There is no logical reason for local law enforcement to have any type of military weapons in communities, and there is no logical reason for the military to give local law enforcement old military gear. To see local law enforcement dressed as if they are ready for riots is upsetting and scary because communities and the people are not sure if the saying “to protect and serve” matters anymore.

7. Puerto Rico

“The figure released Friday by the island’s governor and power utility company indicates that more than 1.4 million people on the island are still in the dark. Experts say some parts of the island are not expected to get power back until next spring.”

Puerto Ricans, who are American citizens, continue to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Not being able to have the basic necessities to survive is difficult enough for families without any financial safety net or transit in the country. The utter lack of response from Trump makes our nation look bad and shows the world our nation is no longer a leader and one that can be called on for help.

Surviving 2017 was a great accomplishment for America. Despite the fact Donald Trump won and despite his rescinding of policies almost bringing the nation to a constitutional crisis, we can be happy we survived, but we will have to repair relationships with allies. 2017 illustrated to the world how the GOP is a party of old white guys who, not only have the same racial ideology of slavery and civil rights, also support child molesters. These are the people who should not be writing and passing laws in our nation.🔷

(Cover: Dreamstime / Russ Ensley - A man holds up a sign that shows Donald Trump and says 'Embarrasser In Chief' as he walks in the Atlanta Tax March protesting President Trump not releasing his tax returns, in Atlanta, USA, 15 April 2017.)



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