Carillion, the construction firm that provides services for schools, prisons and hospitals, has crashed into liquidation this Monday morning. But where is the man responsible for the Carillion debacle?

Carillion – the firm handed millions in contracts by the Tories – has just gone into liquidation leaving thousands of employees and small businesses facing bankruptcy and redundancy.

In July last year, the man responsible for the debacle – incompetent former Group Chief Executive of Carillion Richard Howson – stood down and seemingly disappeared on the same day the company’s disastrous finances were revealed.

But only after paying himself Β£1.5 million in pay and tens of thousands in bonuses and perks and leaving the firm with a massive Β£800 million pension deficit and debts of Β£1.4 billion of course:

So where is Howson now?

Locked up in a monastery somewhere, contemplating his failures and atoning for his sins?

Surprise surprise.

Here he is, hidden away as a new director of engineering and technical services company Wood Group:

Wood PLC

Wood Group has just won a lucrative contract to carry out inspections at the UK government’s new Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant:

Wood PLC

Plus Γ§a change …

Nothing changes in Tory Britain.πŸ”·

(This piece was first published on Pride's Purge.)

(Cover: Dreamstime / Joseph Golby - Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station Somerset, UK.)