That appalling Presidents Club event and the enduring ‘blame-the-victim’ culture.

After the recent Financial Times’ investigation into the appalling practices that have been occuring for decades at The Presidents Club charity events, some people still claim that female hostesses at the recent charity dinner weren’t actually sexually harassed.

Fresh after the dispute about Channel 4 presenter Cathy Newman’s complaint about misogynistic and abusive comments, following her interview on live TV with Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, some people are again ‘blaming the victim’ on social media, claiming that because video evidence of the sexual harassment at The Presidents Club recent charity event has not been placed on the internet for all to see, there is simply no evidence, and thus the alleged sexual harassment never happened.

The Presidents Club ‘men only’ charity dinner takes place every year at London’s plush Dorchester Hotel. It is attended by top professionals from a range of sectors, including leading British bankers and businessmen, property developers and so on. The only women allowed in are specially recruited ‘hostesses.’

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