George Soros, a Hungarian-born, American billionaire and philanthropist, is a liberal political activist who is also one of the world's most successful investors and who was a Hillary Clinton supporter. Hungary's right-wing government often attacks Soros for his support for more open immigration and most recently launched a billboard campaign against him, reducing him to an "enemy of the state."

Roughly two-thirds of Hungarian voters believe a George Soros political party will run in the country's April election, according to a poll released on Monday.

Policy Agenda, a private Hungarian polling firm commissioned by local media to survey voter expectations, listed a number of parties running for election, including the "George Soros Party" - which doesn't exist.

Some 64 percent of respondents said they didn't believe the party of the 87-year-old Hungarian-American billionaire, known for his support of liberal causes, would win. Only 24 percent of those polled were aware the party was made up by the polling firm.

Soros has been characterised - both by far-right activists and members of the Hungarian government's ruling party Fidesz - as wanting to dilute the Christian nature of Europe by opening its borders to refugees from predominately Muslim nations.

"George Soros' network is working to ensure that as many people as possible reach Europe, because they believe this is what will ensure the future of the continent," Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told a local radio station in January.

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