The tragic un-development of a developed country. The Tardis of Brexit will send us right back under the rule of our feudal overlords.

First published in February 2018.

Having lived all over the planet, it never crossed my mind that a developed country would want to reverse its development and become – I’m not even sure what to call it. Because, since Britain no longer intends to rejoin the developed world, it won’t be a developing country. It will be – un-developed, I suppose. How can you throw all this away, say my friends in those ‘developing’ countries? I don’t understand that either, but I finally understand that this is what is going on.

A deliberate, but not very conscious de-coupling from centuries of social and economic development. An un-development from a modern, more egalitarian society back to the feudal age. Timelords, we salute you.

If Brexit happens, particularly if it happens without a transition period, which now seems very possible, since the British government still has no position on what it wants from Brexit and is, therefore, one year out from 2019, unable to negotiate with the EU, if Brexit happens, it will be the first time that a highly developed democracy has chosen, out of its own free will, with no trigger event of any kind, to dismantle both its highly developed economy and the structures of a highly developed state.

The plans to sell off the NHS to a U.S. health insurance company (Kaiser Permanente has been mentioned) would result in a de facto decrease in income for every British resident since health care is free right now and would then have to be paid for by every single person through monthly US-style insurance payments.

The loss of the international banking centre which, depending on who you ask, provides for up to 70 percent of GDP (including other services), will mean that both jobs and public expenditure would be dramatically affected. Austerity will no longer be a cruel choice by a Tory government in its war on the poor and disabled; it will be a necessity. It will hugely affect what is left of the current middle classes, leaving only the poor and the very rich overlords.

This will mean that the pillars of a developed society, equality, education, human dignity and a social network will be brutally cut down. The result will be a much less developed country.

Yes, there will be a small number of wealthy people who still have access to developed countries outside Britain. The closest of them will be just a few miles across the channel, in France. Maybe we can watch it from the cliffs of Dover, on a good day.

But the majority of people in Britain will no longer live in a developed society. The feudal system, after having been slowly and very painfully replaced by a more egalitarian structure, will be revived. Access to education and access to a functioning democracy will erode year by year. Social mobility will disappear. Poverty will be the norm. Choices will disappear. Knowledge will disappear. Political engagement will disappear.

Tragically, this catastrophic development is partly enabled by an opposition party that, inexplicably, also supports Brexit. So, almost the entire political class of both major parties is already acting like a class of feudal masters, putting their own interest before the interest of the country. Disenfranchising the vast class of serfs that Brexit will create. Or, rather, re-create. The feudal system, after all, is the system that this developed democracy evolved from.

Unfortunately, there is not enough of a tradition of resistance and opposition outside parliament in Britain to replace that non-existent parliamentary opposition.

If something this happened in France, or most other European countries, there would be passionate discussions and public demonstrations every day.

To anyone outside Britain, this is incomprehensible.

Why would a developed country give up rights, choices, and a national social network? Why would it choose to destroy public wealth in favour of increased wealth for the few and poverty for the many?

Why would a developed country in Europe choose to return to the feudal system?

The horrors of the feudal system are very well known and documented. Most of Europe fought long and hard to discard a system where most of us are serfs at the mercy of our overlords. Most of Europe now has freedom and equality for all. More than was ever imaginable during feudal times. But these precious developments can disappear again. We all know that, but Brexit is the first time when it actually happens. Right in front of our eyes.

Not because of a disaster from the outside. Because of the British feudal class in government and their enablers in parliament.

For the rest of the world, this is a cautionary tale. It’s the Handmaid’s Tale of 21st-century politics.

For most people in Britain, it’s devastating. And it will be long-lasting. Democracy, equality and freedom, once dismantled, take a long time to be restored. The social systems that embody democracy, equality and freedom real are complex and interdependent. Once brutalised, they need to be built up again from scratch.

This is what people mean when they are saying Brexit is a country committing political and economic suicide.🔷

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[This is an original piece, first published by the author in on 10 February 2018 . | The author writes in a personal capacity.]

(Cover: Nyla Nox.)