B. Jay Cooper, former deputy White House press secretary to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, imagines what Donald Trump's military parades might look like...

(The scene, Veteran’s Day 2018. The location, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. We’re about to watch the military parade presented to us by Donald Trump, who turned all the opposition to the parade into support simply by calling it support and now will display the country’s weaponry just as any despotic country’s leader would. All pretense of it being to honor the troops has been abandoned.)

The camera focuses on the gold framed box where the VIPs sit. And, to the music of “Hail to the Leader” (the words have been changed from “Hail to the Chief”) out walks Leader Trump, in his white uniform with gold epaulets and a chest full of medals created especially for him. (The medals include one for having “the best bone spurs the world has ever seen” and one for “having the biggest button in the world.”)

“Ladies and Gentleman,” the parade announcer intones, “Your Leader, the man whom we worship, the ultimate voice on everything we need to know, the determiner of the truth, the Emperor of the United States, Donald J. Trump.”

The Emperor does a royal wave of his hand to all sides with a big smile on his face. He looks down at the Defense Secretary and proclaims, “Let the parade begin.”

Huge applause, cheering and clapping commence (because anything else would be treasonous.)

The Emperor has never smiled this broadly, not since he fired, or really embarrassed, his Attorney General to leave office and a new one, his son Donald Trump Jr. took over the Department of Justice. In Trump Jr.'s first speech accepting the appointment, he fired the deputy attorney general, the FBI director and the special counsel, announcing, “Our Leader is now free of being concerned about this witch hunt and now can truly focus on his job. Imagine how even greater things will be now that he has that witch hunt behind him and he can 100 percent focus on you (aside to his siblings, "that should do it) !”

Huge applause, cheering and clapping commence (because anything else would be treasonous).

Back at the parade, tanks are rolling from the Capitol to the White House. If they were elephants minority men and women with shovels would be following them to pick up the messes. But there are fewer minorities in the country now. Instead, trailing the tanks is an army of Washington, D.C., maintenance workers, laying new blacktop because the tanks are eating up the roadways.

As the tanks roll in front of the reviewing stand, Trump rises again to clap, as does everyone else in the VIP section because they don’t want to be charged with treason.

Huge applause, cheering and clapping commence (because anything else would be treasonous).

(And thus it could be not too many months from now unless our elected officials stop enabling Trump and speak out.) 🔷

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(This piece was first published on The Screaming Moderate.)

(Cover: U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth - An Elvis impersonator waives an American flag and marches in the Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade. Airmen from the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard and Nellis Air Force Base participated in the parade, 11 November 2010.)