This is one anniversary we could have done without. It's been 600 days since we have been in limbo, following the failure of the British Government to guarantee our rights after the referendum, Nicolas Hatton writes.

Much has been said, but the coincidence of the Parliamentary calendar means the Home Affairs Committee (e.g. MPs scrutinising the work of the Home Office) published a damning report today on the future status of EU citizens and the unrealistic demands of ministers on the civil service.

Having met several civil servants over the past 600 days, I can testify they are trying their utmost to find a solution and implement a practical plan, but can only work within limits set by the ministers and their political dogmas.

I hope this thread helps you understand the issue (and the3million's proposed solution):

  1. Brexit immigration plan delays are fuelling anxiety “This means total chaos next April when over 3 million people might not be able to prove their rights – with potentially devastating consequences,” says the3million

The Guardian

  1. Home Affairs Committee report raises serious concerns over Home Office’s ability to register 3m EU citizens in time and without errors.

  2. A long list of concerns including:

  • Under-resourcing
  • Lack of planning certainty
  • Unclear enforcement plans
  • Concerns over dropping 3 million people into 'Hostile Environment'
  • High Home Office error rates
  • Creating complexity by stopping Freedom of Movement rights for new arrivals

  1. We have been warning about these concerns over apply for settled status and registration for a long time. But Amber Rudd and David Davis so far have refused to meet us.

  2. The issue of workload and distrust in Home Office's ability to deliver a system in the time that works for ALL of the 3 million EU citizens in the UK is still completely avoidable...

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  1. Only the decision of the British Government to completely strip 3 million EU citizens of all their EU #citizensrights, effectively making them illegal, & then asking to apply for new status with conditions attached is creating a vast amount of bureaucracy almost impossible for Home Office to deliver

  2. We have shared our alternative proposal with the Home Office. A solution that would carry forward current EU #citizensrights. Only proof of residence prior end of Freedom of Movement would have been sufficient. But it fell on deaf ears.

  3. We hope in light of the potential chaos as predicted by Home Affairs Committee the UK Gov is reconsidering our proposal. You can find it at

Another coincidence of the calendar means it's also Valentine's day today so Happy Valentines to you.

We are stronger than politics and love always wins.

To be continued...🔷

PS: The problems are many, and the issues are complex, but we must continue to fight for our rights, alongside our friends in British in Europe. If you can donate, please continue to do so as we could not run this David vs. Goliath campaign without your generous donations.