Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Edmond, Austin, San Ysidro, Killeen, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Orlando, this is a starter list where mass shootings took place in America...

With the most recent attack in Parkland Florida, at Marjory Stonemont Douglas High school, America witnesses another mass shooting with 17 innocent lives cut short by an ineffective Congress and an illogical organization which promotes a pro-gun agenda, putting more guns in the wrong hands.

America is passing other nations in mass shootings where the loss of life is getting younger, and the count is increasing. Schools, churches, movie theaters, concerts, clubs are all unsafe to attend because the National Rifle Association (NRA) continues to shove its illogical extremist agenda of pro-guns, a reason why they are to blame for all mass shootings in America.

In addition to blaming the NRA (National Racists Association), both parties are also responsible for the mass shootings. The inability for Congress to act after Columbine, allowing the NRA to create a platform promoting their illogical extreme views and false information of protecting the Second Amendment, is disturbing. What’s more disturbing is that the NRA has successfully used mental illness as a scapegoat for mass shootings.

A common untruth about the NRA is that they want to “protect the second amendment.” A few days after the shooting, Speaker Paul Ryan said “Let’s not rush to taken people guns away.” To protect the second amendment is to protect every word, not just ‘the right to bear arms’ section, which is the right they have been using as their argument for over 30 years.

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The illogical argument of protecting the second amendment when passing illogical gun laws such as Campus Carry, here, in my state of Georgia, does nothing but allow more guns into the public, resulting in more mass shootings.

This organization is responsible for the loss of innocent lives and is responsible for putting more guns into the public when we know we have the right to protect ourselves, a right that will never be taken away in America. Furthermore, to protect the second amendment is to protect all of the second amendment, which the NRA and their right-wing base fail to do.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” (Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.)

For over 30 years, the NRA purposely distorted the other half of the second amendment, the right to bear arms, with their extremist views promoting their illogical gun agenda. The intent of the second amendment was not to be irrationally taken out of context, which is what the far right has done.

The second amendment was created to make sure every citizen owned a gun in case another nation attempted to invade America. Because America did not have a well-equipped army, it was up to the people to defend America hence the reason the founding fathers created the second amendment. The intent of the second amendment was never to promote illogical gun laws resulting in mass shootings, nor was the second amendment meant to protect gun rights, because the second amendment was never about protecting gun rights in the first place.

Because of the NRA being able to buy Republican lawmakers and being able to create a platform with false information, distorting the second amendment and promoting an illogical agenda on guns, the blame for the mass shooting falls on the NRA.🔷


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(Cover: Flickr/Fibonacci Blue - High school students protest against gun violence and for gun law reform in Minneapolis, Minnesota - 21 February 2018.)