Mass shooting in the U.S.: Blame the NRA.🔷

Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Edmond, Austin, San Ysidro, Killeen, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Orlando, this is a starter list where mass shootings took place in America...

With the most recent attack in Parkland Florida, at Marjory Stonemont Douglas High school, America witnesses another mass shooting with 17 innocent lives cut short by an ineffective Congress and an illogical organization which promotes a pro-gun agenda, putting more guns in the wrong hands.

America is passing other nations in mass shootings where the loss of life is getting younger, and the count is increasing. Schools, churches, movie theaters, concerts, clubs are all unsafe to attend because the National Rifle Association (NRA) continues to shove its illogical extremist agenda of pro-guns, a reason why they are to blame for all mass shootings in America.

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