Tom Pride on The Telegraph making fools of themselves, trashing both their reputation and their journalism by not checking inconvenient facts for the sake of providing a distraction from the Tory chaos over Brexit.

The latest silly attempt by right-wing media barons to discredit Jeremy Corbyn as a Cold War spy, comes from the ever more ridiculous Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner.

Rayner has persuaded former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove (no, I assure you that’s NOT a made-up name taken from a 1970s James Bond film) as the latest establishment figure to try to persuade the country that electing Corbyn as Prime Minister would be tantamount to electing Blofeld to Number 10:

The only problem is, in his bizarre article, Rayner ‘forgets’ to mention that Dearlove is now an oil executive in a company with offshore funds under threat from a Corbyn government, an adviser to a neo-liberal right-wing thinktank and most interestingly of all, according to the Chilcot report was responsible for the infamous dodgy Iraq War dossier so strongly criticised by Corbyn:

Now, either Rayner is so incompetent he didn’t notice these inconvenient facts, or he deliberately omitted to mention them.🔷

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(This piece was first published on Pride’s Purge.)

(Cover: Flickr/Loz Pycock - Jeremy Corbyn at an anti-war protest, calling for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq. Trafalgar Square, London - 8 October 2007.)



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