Former MI6 boss criticising Corbyn was responsible for the dodgy Iraq War dossier, heavily criticised by... Corbyn!

Tom Pride on The Telegraph making fools of themselves, trashing both their reputation and their journalism by not checking inconvenient facts for the sake of providing a distraction from the Tory chaos over Brexit.

The latest silly attempt by right-wing media barons to discredit Jeremy Corbyn as a Cold War spy, comes from the ever more ridiculous Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner.

Rayner has persuaded former MI6 boss Sir Richard Dearlove (no, I assure you that’s NOT a made-up name taken from a 1970s James Bond film) as the latest establishment figure to try to persuade the country that electing Corbyn as Prime Minister would be tantamount to electing Blofeld to Number 10:

The only problem is, in his bizarre article, Rayner ‘forgets’ to mention that Dearlove is now an oil executive in a company with offshore funds under threat from a Corbyn government, an adviser to a neo-liberal right-wing thinktank and most interestingly of all, according to the Chilcot report was responsible for the infamous dodgy Iraq War dossier so strongly criticised by Corbyn:

Now, either Rayner is so incompetent he didn’t notice these inconvenient facts, or he deliberately omitted to mention them.🔷

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(This piece was first published on Pride’s Purge.)

(Cover: Flickr/Loz Pycock - Jeremy Corbyn at an anti-war protest, calling for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq. Trafalgar Square, London - 8 October 2007.)

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