My open letter to the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, after his Brexit speech, the first of the government’s “road to Brexit” series.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

You sir, are a bounder and a cad. How dare you insult us with MORE of your false promises and pathetic lies. You sir, are only supporting Brexit for personal gain and without regard for the punishing effect it will have on the citizens of this country. I hope to god you are wrong that attempts to #StopBrexit cannot prevail, because if they cannot — this country is doomed.

You ALREADY have, permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal! Why? Because of your desperate attempts to drag the country out of the EU, in order to protect your offshore Tax Havens and rich Tory Donors, on the whim of a deeply flawed ADVISORY referendum.

Why flawed?

You didn’t extend the vote to certain groups who were most affected by it:

  • 16 year olds, who will have to live with the consequences of this shambles for the longest.

  • Expats living in the EU for over 15 years, whose whole way of life will be threatened by this.

  • EU citizens who have been living in the UK and contributing to our economy and our society for decades.

The illegal and insidious spending by the Leave campaign renders the referendum result void.

The outright LIES told by the Leave campaign — render the referendum result void.

The 250,000 fake, Russian, social media accounts promoting Brexit — render the referendum result void.

The push-pull polling and deep-data-mining done by Cambridge Analytica and funded by Aaron Banks — renders the referendum result void.

The continuous, libelous bile spouted by the British right-wing press (Which is owned by prolific off-shore tax dodgers, desperate to escape EU anti-tax avoidance legislation) during the referendum campaign — renders the result void.

Brexit is nothing more than a right-wing coup, brought about by a wealthy elite. The objectives are simple and obvious:

  • Escape the EU anti-tax haven laws coming in 2019.

  • Deregulate our employment, environment, judicial and taxation systems to strip protections away from workers and to give more power to the wealthy elite.

  • Make the UK into a low-rent off-shore tax haven on the shores of Europe.

We’ve seen through your lies and your false promises. I won’t say the 48%, because the tide has turned we’re now MORE than 48%. People are beginning to see Brexit for what it is. That’s why right-wing media and politicians are starting to look so desperate. That’s why loyal Tory politicians who aren’t corrupt, like Anna Soubry and Ken Clarke are sticking their heads above the parapet and trying to talk some sense.

You can’t win. We will NEVER surrender. We will be campaigning against Brexit until the day the UK leaves the EU. On the day we leave the EU, we will be campaigning to REJOIN the EU!

What’s happened in this country since the referendum was announced is VILE. It’s not dissimilar to Nazi Germany in the 1930s. It echoes Hitler’s rise to power. We, the British people, will not lie down and let the wealthy elites destroy this country to line their own pockets.

We know we never lost sovereignty. We know most immigration comes from non-EU countries and that we always had the capacity to restrict EU migrants on the 3-month rule. We know we could always make trade deals while in the EU. We know a handful of billionaire Tory party donors will be laughing all the way to the bank while the country falls apart.

I used to think the bedroom-tax was the most evil thing the Tory party had imposed upon us. Then I thought it was the transition to PIPs — which caused numerous suicides and other deaths. I still think the stealth privatization of our NHS is an evil Tory policy... However I’m now convinced Brexit is the most evil thing the Tory party had ever done.

You’d better hope we can stop it. Because if we can’t and you DO manage to push through this destructive populist time-bomb, we will never forgive you for it. When the economy tanks and MORE jobs are lost, such as the Japanese Car manufacturers moving to Europe... Well, even the people who wanted and voted for Brexit will never forgive you. You promised them a better Britain, now it’s clear you can’t deliver on that promise.

If Brexit happens, it will destroy the country and render the Tory party completely unelectable for a century. If we DO leave the EU, we will simply rejoin it a few years later, when your ancient, bigoted, tax-dodging supporters have been buried and the young who want to embrace Europe have grown old enough to vote. Only we’ll be adopting the Euro, joining schengen and embracing our place in the EU rather than questioning it.🔷

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(This piece was first published on Remain in the European Union / Facebook group.)

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