Is Theresa May’s suggestion she can achieve the “best deal in the world” after Brexit enough to sort a crisis that has all but got worse since she has taken charge of the country?

British street artist and taxi driver Mark McGowan, also known as Chunky Mark or The Artist Taxi Driver, well known for his work of art as well as for his outspoken videos on social media, had some hard truth to tell Theresa May yesterday, on Twitter, about the so-called “best deal in the world” that she believes she can achieve after Brexit, while a man called Ben just died on the street, sleeping in a tent, under the coldest weather conditions in decades.


It seems very unfortunate that while the UK Government focuses so much time, money and energy (really, David Davis??) on Brexit, it does little — some would say, not much or nothing — to deal with the real issues of the day. The very issues that actually led people to vote for Britain to leave the European Union. There is so much to do about homelessness, poverty, crime, racism, discrimination, education, the NHS, the emergency services... What about Grenfell Tower?

No, all that matters right now is... Brexit.

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This is very symptomatic of the double standards which Theresa May's Government has on everything. The Prime Minister wants to please the DUP, please her rebel backbenchers, please Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ERG, and ultimately please the 1922 Committee in order to keep her premiership going, whilst the Government’s actual duty of care and service for the national interest awaits.

The problem is that when Britain leaves the European Union, the real issues of the day, those so-called Society’s ills, will have remained, unchecked and unresolved. They will then come back to the surface to haunt ministers and MPs alike. They will appear under the spotlight for all to see.

“Quitting the EU won’t solve our problems,” Boris Johnson once said (that was back in 2013, when the now-Foreign Secretary was still only clowning locally!). The same Boris Johnson who, after running away from the House of Commons, on Wednesday, where he was supposed to answer an urgent question about his controversial letter to Theresa May on the Irish border situation, eventually had a little taste of what accountability feels like, on Thursday, when he was summoned by London’s City Hall over the Garden Bridge debacle and his decisions as the then-Mayor of the Capital. He, of course, suffered sudden and very convenient amnesia during the interview...


Indeed, Mister Foreign Secretary, after Brexit, the European Union won’t be there to take the blame for Britain’s ills any longer. And there won’t be any place to hide for those in Government who will have put their own interests before the interests of this country.🔷

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