Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle of Georgia threatened Delta Airlines, one of the state’s largest employer, because the airline ended their discount program for National Rifle Association members, of which Casey Cagle is himself a member.

During Crossover day at the Georgia state capitol, Casey Cagle threatened Delta; if they did not restore the NRA discount program, he would end the $50 million jet fuel tax break for the company.

GOPPERS tend to have toddler tantrums when nothing goes their way and threatening the largest employer in the state of Georgia is such a clear example.

Casey Cagle’s threat would then cost the state to potentially lose 30,000 jobs and the only jobs the Republican Party will bring to replace those lost jobs are low-wage service jobs.

The Georgia state Senate is thus passing legislation to take away the $50 million jet fuel tax break from Delta. And after the war of words between Casey Cagle and Edward H. Bastian (Delta’s CEO), both New York and Virginia began the process of courting the company to relocate to their state.

Delta had signed a 20-year contract to keep their headquarters in Georgia. However, after the Georgia state Senate ended the $50 million jet fuel tax break, Delta will certainly find a way to end or shorten it.

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“It signals to Amazon that politicians in Georgia are more concerned about scoring points with constituents sympathetic to a particular social view than they are about whatever business or economic rationale they may have to direct benefits to a specific firm,” Brian Richter, an assistant professor of business, government, and society at the McCombs School of Business told CNN.

The GOP constantly argues they support businesses; they will give businesses millions of dollars in tax breaks; however, this move by Casey Cagle indicates the GOP is not pro-business.

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In politics, no emotions should be involved. Casey Cagle’s emotions are nothing more than an antiquated tactic to rally his base who are pro-guns over a measly discount.

Casey Cagle and many other GOPPERS no longer have the pro-business argument because throwing tantrums over a company’s policy that benefits society illustrates their inability to focus on the interest of the state and the people.

What’s more, Casey Cagle tantrum illustrate his inability to understand the social responsibility of Delta to end the discount program for the NRA, an organization that is the cause of gun violence in our nation.

The pro-business argument is about attracting businesses to the state for revenue and bringing jobs for the citizens. It’s clear with Casey Cagle’s tantrum, and the passing of the Senate bill that the GOP is not pro-business and losing Delta will hurt Georgia’s economy and Georgians in the first place.

Delta ending the discount program is not about politics, it’s about social responsibility to help make society better without guns. Casey Cagle made this into a political issue that will have a negative outcome.🔷

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