A thread by Laura Shields on how Brexit will prevent young Brits from taking advantage of countless opportunities in Europe.

We need to talk about my friend Dave. He is 26 and from Gloucester.

He messed up his A-Levels and couldn’t afford to go to university in the UK.

So, Dave looked at his options and discovered that, as part of the UK’s European Union membership, he could go and study at first rate European universities at local rates. Way hay for Dave. 🍾

So, that’s exactly what Dave did. He took himself off to Leiden in the Netherlands, which also included semesters in Germany, France and Oxford.

While there, he also learned French, German and Dutch. Dave now has 5 working languages and had been hoping for a career in European politics.

That was until 24 June 2016, and the results of the EU Referendum.

Not to be deterred by a small thing called Brexit, Dave got himself an internship in Brussels, which he was still able to do as part of our free movement rights that allow Brits to live, work and study in the European Union, EEA countries and Switzerland.


Way hay... 🍾

(By now, are you getting the sense that Dave is quite a plucky, enterprising sort of guy? You know, the kind Britain should be proud of, and all that?)

Anyway, at the end of his internship, Dave started looking around for jobs. He couldn’t find one at first in Brussels, so he was thinking that he might have to go back to the UK.

He wasn’t that keen. 😬

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So, Dave did some research on this mystical thing called the interweb (at least I think that’s the right name...) and found a job that fitted his skills and interests in Antwerp.

That’s in Northern Belgium, by the way, where they also make great beer 🍺

Dave went up to Antwerp, did two interviews in Flemish (which he wouldn’t have been able to do if he hadn’t grabbed all the opportunities the European Union offers young people like him with both hands).

And he got the job!

Take a bow Dave. 🙇‍

Unsurprisingly, while Dave is very happy about how things have turned out for him, he is only too aware that these opportunities won’t be available to young people like him, once the UK leaves the EU.


He thinks Brexit is going to slam the door on countless opportunities for young British people who want to spend some time living, working and supporting themselves in Europe.

He is not wrong.

That is why Dave believe it is essential that all British people get the chance to vote on the final deal with Remain as an option.

He wants other young people to have the same opportunities that he did. And he thinks the European Union has many more opportunities to offer.🔷

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