Nicolas Hatton on the3million’s future petition and the upcoming May local election.

First a very quick update from last week’s poll about the3million’s very first petition.

Thank you for taking part and proving that participative democracy is the only way forward.

1,447 of you voted on the Forum for EU citizens as well as from the link in the last newsletter and the option that got the most votes was: ‘Retain full EU citizenship rights for all.’

What I really love is that this was not one of the choices we originally put to you, but one that was proposed by a Forum member.

That’s democracy in action!

It was a difficult choice and many expressed the opinion that we shouldn’t have to choose.

This is why we are taking our time to write the text that will support this choice so that everything is covered.

We have deliberately chosen a petition site that is not just UK based like 38 degrees, thus enabling EU citizens who have left the UK already, or our British friends and our families in Europe, to be able to have a voice.

We are planning to launch the petition very shortly so watch this space!

Click here!!

In other news, we will be launching our campaign to register EU citizens for the May local elections on Monday.

Shockingly, 50% of EU citizens are not registered on the electoral roll. It only takes 5 minutes and all you'll need is your National Insurance number. Do it now!

We travel to Brussels regularly to argue the case for protecting citizens' rights, you can donate to our Brussels travel fund.

  • May 3 - English local elections - Non-UK EU citizens are allowed to vote in local elections: Register now!

To be continued...🔷

PS: While the campaign intensifies, we must continue to fight for our rights, alongside our friends in British in Europe. If you can donate, please continue to do so so that our team of full time volunteers can be supported to continue this crucial work.