In this week’s episode of The Limehouse Podcast, William Porteous talks to Our Future Our Choice! and Remainer Now. Unmissable interviews!

This week, I travelled to a place to meet with two of the most exciting groups in politics today, Our Future Our Choice! (OFOC!) and Remainer Now. Remainer Now speak with people that have had second thoughts about their decisions to vote Leave in the 2016 referendum. OFOC! focus on talking with the younger voters that also took part in that referendum but also to those who were too young to vote then, but of course could now.

Our Future Our Choice!

‘Our Future Our Choice!’ is “a group of angry, determined young people who think Brexit is a disaster and should be stopped.” (in their own words) OFOC! was founded and is led by Femi Oluwole, Lara Spirit, Will Dry, and Calum Millbank-Murphy. It now has over a hundred leaders at universities up and down the country, and others mobilising young people in work, at school, or in training.

Remainer Now.

‘Remainer Now’ is a grassroot organisation made up of activists and campaigners who voted Leave in the June 2016 EU referendum but have now changed their minds and regret their vote. The group is open to all leave voters who now want to speak up and stop Brexit.

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