It has been another roller coaster of a week, following Monday’s handshake between Brexit negotiators Michel Barnier and David Davis over their very unsatisfactory deal on citizens’ rights.

I don’t need to repeat the3million’s grave concerns about settled status and our loss of rights. According to the deal, current family reunification rules will end and we will not be able to bring future partners, or move freely between our UK residence and EU member states without risking losing our right to return.

And after meeting young Europeans at the ‘Brexit: Shall I stay or shall I go’ conference on Monday, it struck me that the negotiators have shown a significant reverse ageism bias, discriminating against young Europeans who grew up in the UK.

Because young Europeans are mobile by nature and likely to study and work across Europe, they will be disproportionately more hit by the inability to leave the UK for an indefinite number of years, or risk losing their right to reside.

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And should they meet their future partner while living in Paris, Berlin or Barcelona, they won't be able to bring them back and build a family in the country they grew up in without overcoming punitive Home Office obstacles.
I’m showing my age here but there is one song that comes to mind...


If you are a young European living in the UK, do get in touch, as we are keen to make sure that you get a voice in the public debate.

As highlighted by Prof. Tanja Bueltmann in her daily video today, our campaign to protect our rights is here to stay (like us) and we won’t stop until each and every EU citizen living in the UK is safe.

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This is why we are inviting you to join the3million and become a member. As a member, you will directly support the campaign and have the opportunity to have a say in future decisions. And importantly, it will guarantee that 3.6 million EU citizens will continue to have a voice in British society and influence the debate.

So please join the3million today so we can continue the work to make sure all EU citizens will be safe.

  • April 10 - Democracy week with Hope not Hate

  • April 17 - the3million meets Caroline Nokes MP, immigration minister

  • May 3 - English local elections - Non-UK EU citizens are allowed to vote in local elections: Register now! (deadline is 16th April)

To be continued...🔷

PS: While the campaign intensifies, we must continue to fight for our rights, alongside our friends in British in Europe. If you can donate, please continue to do so so that our team of full time volunteers can be supported to continue this crucial work.

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