A very special event took place last night at the Frontline Club with two whistleblowers answering questions about Cambridge Analytica’s role in the EU referendum campaign.

Some disturbing evidence from two whistleblowers now seem to suggest that Vote Leave, the official campaign to leave the European Union during the 2016 referendum, may have cheated its way to win by over-spending. Fair Vote campaigns to demand a fair vote on Brexit after the revelations. They have also published many of the evidences online.

YouTube/Fair Vote

Journalist Peter Jukes, CEO of Byline Media and Byline Festival, interviewed Chris Wylie, a Canadian data scientist at the heart of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, and Shahmir Sanni, a young volunteer at Vote Leave who was asked to set up a new company, Beleave, which allegedly worked in co-ordination with Vote Leave.

Two courageous young men, one of which (Shahmi Sanni) simply broke down in tears when he explained how Theresa May’s political secretary Stephen Parkinson outed him as gay to undermine him. Shahmi explained how he then had to tell his Pakistani mother. “I don’t care about how they portray me. The evidence is there... It’s all at fairvote.uk.”

Watch now: The Cambridge Analytica Files, Round 2.

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Read the evidence collected by Fair Vote:

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