It’s disturbing when the greatest nation has become a nation where we have to worry about gun violence in our schools.

There are many days that will live in infamy for the Trump administration, the most recent days are March 13th with the firing of Rex Tillerson with the U.S. not having a Secretary of State, March 14th the National Walkout from students who are fed up with the senseless gun violence in America and March 24th March For Our Lives demonstration where millions of students across America marched to voice their tiredness of the gun violence and elected officials not doing anything to solve this problem.

Earlier in March, 17 innocent students lost their lives with another school shooting at Stoneman Marjory High School, in Parkland, Florida. Since 1999, after Columbine, Congress has failed to enact sensible gun laws to prevent acts of gun violence that has plagued America. Schools are the one place where students should not have to worry about if they will be safe. Teachers and school resource officers should not have to be trained to protect students from gun violence.


Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into one of the most aggressive gun laws making the age 21 to purchase a gun and extended the waiting period to 3 weeks. This law is a step in the right direction, with more that needs to be done. The National Walkout and March For Our Lives demonstration are the catalysts that will push the necessary gun laws we need in America.

The GOP constantly argues about rights, but they are the party “fighting” to protect people rights. In my county, Gwinnett, the local GOP officials denied students their First Amendment right to assembly and walkout in support of the gun violence that has plagued our schools since Columbine.

Threatening students with suspension and canceling their Spring activities is disgusting and illustrates how the GOP at the local level are part of the larger problem with gun violence. Prom, graduation, tests, colleges, creating lifelong relationships are what students should have to worry about not their lives at school. It’s disturbing that in America, it’s becoming difficult to live, we should not have to fear for our lives at school, concerts, parks or movie theaters. Because of the NRA and a dysfunctional Congress, America has become a nation where we must constantly think about gun violence and our safety.

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Parents are now living in constant fear for their kid’s lives when they are at school. Teachers, administrators, faculty, resource officers have more concern, and are under more pressure to have to take on the responsibility to protect hundreds of students. When our nation is in a place where parents now have to worry about gun violence at schools, this is the sign of an epic fail from our Congress and local elected officials. The failure of Congress to take the initiative 19 years ago results in the school shootings our nation is constantly witnessing. The failure of Congress to prevent the NRA from having the ability to have elected officials at levels to sign and pass terrible gun laws results in the overall gun violence in America.

The National Walkout and March For Our Lives demonstration are the catalysts we need from the young generation to change these senseless and backward gun laws that have no place in America. The youth will change gun laws because they do not want to live in a nation of worry, they do not want their parents to worry, they do not want their friends to worry.

These senseless acts of school shootings and the overall gun violence in this nation will change because for too long the Second Amendment has been used out of context and not for the right reasons by gun extremists. History tells us the purpose of the Second Amendment was for the people to be the soldiers of our nation during a time when America did not have a strong enough military.🔷


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(Cover: Dreamstime/Laurence Agron - March For Our Lives protesting gun violence participants numbered about 175,000 people as they gathered in Manhattan's Central Park are parading here down 6th Avenue in bright sunshine and brisk temperatures, 24 March 2017.)



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