We are exactly one year away from Brexit and, let’s be honest, this is scary. This is why we are asking you to think ahead and be safe.

We know the Home Office has promised us a digital app with a ‘light touch’ approach but the lack of clarity over the scheme is worrying (more on this next week when we publish our 100+ questions about outstanding issues).

For this reason, we have created a settled status checklist.

It is a tool designed to help you and all your EU friends and family build a parachute of evidence, should the Government does not grant you settled status or ask for further proof of residence when you apply.

If you know any EU citizens, please share this article with them because the settled status checklist needs to be shared very widely.

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One year till Brexit - what does it mean to you?

This week, we asked our members and supporters to write about Brexit taking place one year from now. You can read over 50 testimonies in this special article.

  • April 10 - Democracy week with Hope not Hate

  • April 17 - the3million meets Caroline Nokes MP, immigration minister

  • May 3 - English local elections - Non-UK EU citizens are allowed to vote in local elections: Register now! (deadline is 16th April)

To be continued...🔷

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