Are Trump voters happy with his decisions so far? Let’s think about it for a moment...

So, how’s everything going? Great, again, I assume?

I hope you’re one of the 50% of Americans who are getting nearly $10 a week more in your paychecks thanks to Trump’s “big, beautiful Xmas present.”

Every little bit counts, and those tax cuts are in addition to the one-off bonuses we heard so much about! They deserved that Real News coverage because nearly $2.5 billion has been given away! Okay, that’s not quite as much as that $88.6 billion companies have already spent on share buybacks in order to enrich top management and wealthy shareholders, but those Job Creators deserve a little boost too, you know.

And I bet you’re thrilled Scott Pruitt is trying to cancel the agreement reached by Lousy Stupid Horrible Dealmaker Obama that would have doubled the average MPG of new cars by 2025. Of course, that means you’ll have to stop for gas twice as often, and pay twice as much, but (a) it’s a good opportunity to use the restroom and (b) that $10 is burning a hole in your pocket!

And steel jobs! Trump showed the world who’s boss by unilaterally — as in “even his own team didn’t know” — slapping tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Jobs, jobs, jobs! He then exempted 49% of US imports, so maybe we’ll just get... jobs! Of course, those tariffs will be passed on to you through higher prices for cars, beer, and other products made with steel and aluminum, but you’ve got that $10 so who cares!

Then, he hit the Chinese with $60 billion — billion! — in tariffs because although they throw a really nice welcoming party for visiting Trumps, they cheated all the stupid presidents who came before Trump. You’ll pay for most of that, too. But you’re getting $10 every week!

The Chinese responded by whacking new tariffs on 120 American products. Hope you don’t work in the pork industry!

He also imposed tariffs on washing machines from Korea, which were bad because they’re cheaper than domestic models. Sure, you have to pay more than you used to, but it’s only money!

And you’re making a ton of money on the stock market, right? Sure, the richest 10% of Americans own 84% of all stocks, and half of Americans don’t have any stock at all — even through a 401(k). But you’re one of the “good ones,” right?

However you might want to think about spending a little less on stocks, since your healthcare will increase 5.3% this year as a result of Trump’s attempts to destroy that horrible Obamacare.

Yup, there’s nothing but winning, as far as the eye can see. You were definitely right to choose a willfully ignorant man-child who spent his entire life ripping off hard-working Americans to a position of power where he could transfer money from your pockets to those of his rich supporters.

After all, they’re much better at having money than you are. Best they should keep it all.🔷

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(Cover: Wikimedia/TwinsofSedona - Terrie Frankel & Fred Shinn at Prescott Valley, Arizona Rally for Donald Trump, 4 October 2016.)