Remember how it felt after the 2016 referendum to know that a decision about your future was taken without anyone bothering to ask you?

Remember how the referendum campaign changed the way EU citizens were talked about?

When we’re mentioned by politicians, it’s often as a resource: a bargaining chip, or an economic piece to be moved around a Monopoly board.

We know it’s not like that — that we’re part of our community, that we work and volunteer and raise families. But because we’re not taken seriously as voters, the conversation is usually about us and not with us.

If you care about that, you should be voting in the local elections on 3 May if you live in England, asking your councillor what they are doing for EU citizens, sharing our election video and volunteering with the3million to make your voice count where you live.


You might think local authorities have nothing to do with Brexit — but they can do a lot in the coming months to support EU citizens.

Does your council run easily accessible passport return services, so people can apply for permanent residence or citizenship now without sending their passport away for months?

Are they planning to provide reliable free advice to EU citizens, so people aren’t ripped off by unauthorised advisers? Are councillors leading on the issue of prejudice and discrimination?

See more about what we are asking for and how to take action.

We need your help — get in touch on and we’ll put you in touch with an organiser in your area.

Or get ideas for local organising from our election toolkit — we’ll support you if you want to organise an event. If you want to spread the word on social media, see below how you can support our voter registration drive during Democracy Week, 10-17 April.

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This may be the last chance we get to vote in the UK - no agreement has been reached yet on whether EU citizens retain the right to vote in local elections after Brexit. the3million aren’t telling you which party to vote for — but we are asking you to make sure your voice counts this time, by asking parties and candidates if they have EU citizens on the agenda. Even if you don’t live in an area that’s holding elections, you can help spread the word to fellow EU nationals and support us on social media.

Make your voice count — register to vote by 17 April, and make sure you vote on 3 May.


Finally, if you haven't joined the3million’s new membership scheme, please join us today. It only takes a few moments.

To be continued...🔷

PS: - Please become a member of the3million today. - While the campaign intensifies, we must continue to fight for our rights, alongside our friends in British in Europe. If you can donate, please continue to do so so that our team of full time volunteers can be supported to continue this crucial work.