In this week’s episode of The Limehouse Podcast, William Porteous talks to pro-European Tory MP Anna Soubry about Brexit, Theresa May, the Tories, crisps and Angry Birds... An interesting interview!

It’s been nearly a year since I (William) was in sunny Thailand and posting podcast shows. When I was out there Anna Soubry’s PA Sean contacted me (thanks to Paddy Ashdown) to tell me that Anna would be happy to have a conversation with me. To this day, it was probably the most excited I have been to obtain an interview.

Anna is one of the very last hopes that The Tories have. Of course we can’t discount Dominic Grieve and Ken Clarke, but she’s fabulous.

In this interview, she calls out Theresa May for leaving behind so many of the Remain voters and the wretched tone she set at her first party conference. It’s really worth a listen. I think it’s worth noting that Theresa & Co have been dishing out this Brexit bollocks for a rather substantive amount of time and still they are unable to persuade the likes of Anna, Dominic and Ken, who are very much small Tory members of Parliament that really do love their party.

Anna Soubry.

Anna Soubry is most famously known for being one of the deeply pro-European Conservative MPs who still fights against Brexit in the British Parliament. A former minister, she used to present programmes on TV and was also a criminal barrister. Enjoy!
Check her record in Parliament.

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