A few weeks ago, Lord Heseltine told a conference that his purpose in life from now on is to keep alive the prospect of ending “disastrous” Brexit.

In a ESRC/UK in a Changing Europe conference on the subject of Brexit: Local and Devolved Government, last month, Lord Michael Heseltine, 84, senior Tory politician and businessman, who was sacked by Theresa May from advisory roles within government because of his public opposition to Article 50 in the House of Lords, told the audience that he was “interested in stopping Brexit.”

“You’ve got to know what you’re trying to achieve in life... I believe Brexit is the most disastrous peacetime decision of the modern age and anything I can do, I will do, to stop it... Full stop! End of story!” Lord Heseltine said.

Watch Lord Heseltine’s intervention in full:

(Cover: Lord Heseltine at the ESRC/UK in a Changing Europe conference.)



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