An unchallenged Jacob Rees-Mogg told LBC listeners that he has once been subjected to a ‘stop-and-search’ while driving his car in London. Really??

A couple of weeks ago, an unchallenged Jacob Rees-Mogg told Nick Ferrari and his LBC breakfast show listeners that he had once been subjected to a ‘stop-and-search’ by the Police while driving his car in London.

Nick Ferrari (undoubtedly one of the most right-wing, anti-EU and controversial radio presenters currently on Britain’s radio waves) invited Nigel Farage regularly for at least two years before the EU Referendum, helping him raise his profile and spread his anti-European stance on LBC.

As if getting Nigel Farage on the path to claim both Brexit and Trump’s victories was not enough, Nick Ferrari and LBC have recently undertaken the task to make Jacob Rees-Mogg their new apprentice with a radio phone-in during Ferrari’s own breakfast show, every Monday.

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One example of how Rees-Mogg uses his new phone-in show to become more popular with the ‘masses’, yet showing once again how out of touch with reality he is: he recently claimed he was “once the subject of a police stop-and-search on Pall Mall.”

The MP for North East Somerset explained: “They used these powers to stop me when I was driving a couple of my children along Pall Mall. I was hauled into Waterloo Place. When they saw the boot piled full of children’s clothes etc, they rather recoiled and went away. It was because I was in Pall Mall, close to where my mother lives and at that point, they had the ability to stop anyone they felt like for anything in these specified zones around sensitive government areas.”

At no moment did Nick Ferrari challenge the real-life Victorian-time-traveller MP on the abysmal difference between his car being gently stopped by friendly Police officers in a street near Buckingham Palace and an actual real-life Police stop-and-search, which in most cases is humiliating, conducted with force and targeting a certain category of the population Rees-Mogg does not belong to.

Great journalism, eh?...

Watch Jacob Rees-Mogg’s recount of his ‘stop-and-search’ in full:

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s recount of his ‘stop-and-search’. (YouTube/LBC)

Watch The Guardian’s report on what ‘stop-and-search’ is really like:

Real-life ‘stop-and-search’. (YouTube/The Guardian)

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