In this week’s episode of The Limehouse Podcast, William Porteous talks to barrister Grace Brown about the Windrush scandal. You must listen to this interview!

This week, I speak with Grace Brown about Windrush. We speak about how it has affected people, how it came to pass and the terrible immediate and lasting affect it has had on several generations. Garden Court Chambers are a group of wonderful incredibly hard working lawyers that have represented some of the most vulnerable people in society.

We live in a cruel and unjust world populated by greedy people that make up a tiny percentage of the billions of people. We all struggle, of course we do, but the struggle the Windrush generation have been through when you compare it to the normal day to day it is almost too much to bare.

Grace Brown.

Grace Brown is a public law practitioner with a particular focus on human rights, refugee, immigration and child law. Since 2013 she has been regularly providing free immigration advice and free representation at the Haringey Migrant Support Centre. Grace Brown has been an invited speaker at Black History Month events arranged by groups including departments in the London Boroughs of Islington and Camden and has provided motivational talks to school students in Year 11 and above.

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