Cities which voted to remain are being dragged into a hard Brexit, where is the compromise?

If we’re being dragged out, we’d expect a compromise as a minimum.

Leeds, Harrogate and York all strong economies and all voted to remain in the European Union (EU), but the Government is dragging the UK out of the EU with what looks like will be a hard Brexit. Isn’t it time for compromise?

Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as London and quite a lot of South England voted to stay. Even Newcastle upon Tyne voted to remain, surrounding counties that voted to leave. These counties who voted to leave are not really wanting out of the EU, they actually want more representation, so why not give it to them by increasing police officers, improving the employment and spending more on the NHS.

Remember, many people even voted to leave because they thought they were getting more money for the NHS and who’d refuse that?

And then, there’s the issue of the type of Brexit we’re probably going to get, the Prime Minister Theresa May is insisting Brexiteers are going to get the Brexit they wanted. But what about almost half of the country that voted to remain? They feel lost, unsupported by very few political parties, for example abandoned by Labour.

Not only will the negative effects of Brexit affect the country but the Governments approach of ignoring the remainers (and all of those who now would vote to remain) will no doubt he a huge mistake.🔷

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