Want to know what it is like to be a female anti-Brexit campaigner who happens to be an EU citizen and dares to open her mouth to speak at a #WomenAgainstBrexit event?

It is like this. ⬇️ (The following examples contain strong language and are made up of different messages received from different people.)

As always when I share examples of what I get, this is just a selection. There are around 200 more of these.

They don’t just come from Twitter. In fact, these days they primarily don’t come from Twitter, but email or my website’s contact form (which I won’t hide: then they win).

I find these comments quite ‘interesting’ because they are among the most personalised I have had in a long time.

Brexiters will say I brought it upon myself because I wore this and spoke out against Brexit. Because they don’t want me to. Their aim, as always, is to silence.

That is why they will also, as they always do, say this is fake. Or that it #didnthappen, as Daniel Hannan once coined it. Or that I am some paid agitator (my favourite new conspiracy theory I happened to come across on Facebook, recently). Again they do it with the aim to silence me.

Well, Brexiters, let me tell you, once and for all, why you will never succeed: I was a fat child. A fat teenager. And a fat young woman. That is not retrospectively fat-shaming myself, no. It is just to tell you that I have dealt with disgusting bullies pretty much all my life.

None of them have ever succeeded.

You won’t either.

Click here!!

But keep making yourselves look like the idiots you are if you want to. I have an inbox with plenty of GB of space if that makes you feel better. Because if disgusting misogyny is all you have, I have won already.

And as for dragging all these other beautiful women in there with me: even more shame on you for that.

#WomenAgainstBrexit have every right to speak. And we will use our right until we are heard. Until we have stopped Brexit, which is, and always has been, misogyny writ large.

And, my dear Brexiters, ever since you got your knickers in a twist like nothing I have ever seen before over my blue fingernails once I wear a rebel nail for a reason. I wear it on a specific finger for a reason.

To end with something positive: this is exactly why #WomenAgainstBrexit are so important! And why I hope more of you will join me. As I have demonstrated myself with my tweets: I know how hard it is. But together with strong intelligent male voices like Steve Bullock, we can #StopBrexit.🔷

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(This piece was first published as a Twitter thread and turned into the above article with the purpose of reaching a larger audience. It has been minorly edited and corrected.)

(Cover: Twitter/@cliodiaspora.)