120 elected student leaders from 60 students’ unions, representing just under 1 million students are calling for a “people’s vote” on the final Brexit deal.

Dear Parliament,

We, the undersigned are elected representatives of students. Through our collective roles in universities, colleges and training providers, we represent just under one million students across the United Kingdom.

We believe that the European Union has been a force for good for UK Society. The ability to travel, work and study abroad freely and easily is something our students value. Our members are passionate about the environment, LGBTQ+ rights and Women’s rights, all furthered by the EU. We believe the pursuit of peace through dialogue and trade, is a noble one.

When the European Union referendum happened, and a slim majority of the voting public voted to Leave, we accepted this. We believe there were legitimate grievances that led to a ‘Leave’ vote, both economic and social.

However, the world is a different place to 2016. Promises made during the campaign have not been kept. The election of Donald Trump put a stop on the US Trade Deal. Xenophobic and racist incidents have risen.

We are firmly of the belief that it is in our member’s interests to retain the benefits of European Union membership. We are concerned that this will not happen, and that the public and our members have a far greater understanding of what the UK outside of the EU will look like.

We also note that a significant number of our members were unable to vote in 2016, and have not been able to have any meaningful say on the biggest issue affecting their futures.

Because of this, we call on our elected leaders to deliver on a people’s vote on the Brexit Deal so that young people can once and for all have a say on their futures.

For our Future’s Sake.


Lawson Ogubie, President, Aberdeen University Students Union

Bruce Wright, Students’ Union President-elect, Aberystwyth Students’ Union

Lainey McKinley, President, Ayrshire College Students’ Union

Teixeira Baber, Student President, Bath College Students’ Union

Ben Davies, Student Union President, Bath Students’ Union

Ben Palmer, Community Officer, Bath Students’ Union

Chloe Page, Education Officer, Bath Students’ Union

Kimberly Pickett, Activities Officer, Bath Students’ Union

Liam Emery, Postgraduate Officer, Bath Students’ Union

Will Galloway, Sport Officer, Bath Students’ Union

Ryan Lucas, President, Bath Spa Students’ Union

Eli Goldsobel, Student Leader, Birkbeck Students’ Union

Nicholas Baker, Student Leader, Birkbeck Students’ Union

Leo Paillard, Chair of International Students Campaign, Cambridge University Students’ Union

Darshana Joshi, President, Graduate Union at the Univeristy of Cambridge

Cherelle Mitchell, Student Union President, Chester Students’ Union

Jack McGovern, Vice President Activities, Chester Students’ Union

Sophie Bell, Vice President Education, Chester Students’ Union

Alessandro Salemme, Vice President Warrington, Chester Students’ Union

Ben Phillips, Student Union President, Chichester College

Benjamin McGowan, Student Representative, City of Liverpool College Students’ Union

James Cleverly, Student President, Coleg Cambria

Chidiebere Francis, Ahanonu, Students’ Union President, Coventry Students’ Union

Nyaknno Moses, Vice President Activities, Coventry Students’ Union

Tochukwu Ajare, Vice President Welfare & Community, Coventry Students’ Union

Scott Staniland, Vice President Sports & Wellbeing, Coventry Students’ Union

Adedoyin Adebanjo, Vice President Education, Coventry Students’ Union

Burmun Damisa, Vice President Postgraduate, Coventry Students’ Union

Carl Anderson, Students’ Union President, Derby College

Daniel Wood, Student President, Dudley College,

Megan Croll, Student Union President, Durham Students’ Union

Rosa Tallack, Welfare and Liberation Officer, Durham Students’ Union

Charlie Walker, Opportunities Officer, Durham Students’ Union

Sabrina Seel, Postgraduate Officer, Durham Students’ Union

Rosie McKenna, Vice President Welfare, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Luke Myer, Vice President Academic Representation, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Dan Bocharnikov, Vice President Activities, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Molly Houghton, Postgraduate Students Officer & Vice President Welfare-elect, Edge Hill Students’ Union

Kira Lewis, Exeter College Student Representative Committee, Exeter College

Dean Pomeroy, President Exeter, Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union

Harry Bishop, President Community and Welfare, Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union

Calum Slater, Students’ Union President, Furness College

Vicki Hatton, President, Gloucestershire Students’ Union

Emily Andrews, Education Officer, Gloucestershire Students’ Union

Beth Langdon, Welfare Officer, Gloucestershire Students’ Union

Delihliah Chadwick-Smith, Students’ Union President, Grŵp Llandrillo Menai

Samual Manners, Student Representative, Havant and South Downs College

Diarmuid Cowen, Union President, Heriot-Watt University Students’ Union

Aashna Bakshi, Vice President Wellbeing, Heriot-Watt University Students’ Union

Lucy Graham, Vice President Scottish Borders Campus, Heriot-Watt University Students’ Union

Holly Scrimgeour, Students Association President, Highlands and Islands Students’ Association

Osaro Otobo, President, Hull Univerisity Union

Tom Snape, Union Development and Democracy Officer, Keele Students’ Union

Jeff Sanddington-Wiltshire, Education Officer, Keele Students’ Union

Aysha Panter, Welfare & Internationalisation Officer, Keele Students’ Union

Sam Gibbons, Activities & Communications Officer, Keele Students’ Union

Ruth Wilkinson, President, Kent University Union

Aaron Thompson, Vice President Activities and President-elect, Kent University Union

Stuart Lidbetter, Vice President Education, Kent University Union

Josh Woolf, President, Lancaster Students’ Union

Meg Robinson, Students’ Union President, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union

Kelly-Anne Watson, Vice President Welfare and Community, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union

Jack Harrison, Vice President Education, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union

Ro Sewell, Vice President Equality and Diversity, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union

Aiden Thatcher, Vice President Activities, Leeds Beckett Students’ Union

Connor Delany, Vice President Welfare & Community, Lincoln Students’ Union

Angelina Cliff, Vice President Academic Quality, Liverpool John Moores Students’ Union

Rachael Smart, Vice President Activities, Liverpool John Moores Students’ Union

Howisha Charley, Vice President Community Engagement, Liverpool John Moores Students’ Union

Mark Boansi, Social Science & Social Professions Officer & President-elect, London Metropolitan Students’ Union

Sodiq Akinbade, President, London South Bank Students’ Union

Joe Cox, Vice President Art and Design & Media and Performing Arts, Middlesex Students’ Union

Erica Ramos, Vice President Business & Law, Middlesex Students’ Union

Charlie Awde, Students’ Union President, Newcastle Under Lyme College Students’ Union

Jacob Collier, University of Nottingham Students’ Union Community Officer-elect, Nottingham Students Union

Karl Robson, Vice President Education, Northumbria Students’ Union

Kristy Weegram, Vice President Activities, Northumbria Students’ Union

Ryan Bush, Vice President Welfare, Northumbria Students’ Union

Xenia Levantis, President, Norwich University of the Arts Students’ Union

Stephen McCrystall, Union President, Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union

Faisal Kadiri, Activities Officer, Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union

Lucy Gault, Education Officer, Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union

Rachel Powell, Equality & Diversity Officer, Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union

Jessica Elder, Welfare Officer, Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union

Chuchu Nwagu, Vice President Welfare and President-elect, Roehampton Students’ Union

Lewis Wood, Association President, St Andrews Students’ Association

Darren Clarke, President, Staffordshire Students’ Union

Tash Crump, Vice President and President-elect, Staffordshire Students’ Union

Liam McCabe, Vice President Volunteering & Development, University Strathclyde Students’ Union

Chisomo Phiri, President, Swansea University Students’ Union

Tom Platt, President Education, Teesside University Students’ Union

Rob Simkins, TSDSU Group President, Trinity St Davids Students’ Union

Becky Ricketts, Camarthan President-elect, Trinity St Davids Students’ Union

Josh Whale, Lampeter Campus President, Trinity St Davids Students’ Union

Charlie Jones, Swansea Campus President, Trinity St Davids Students’ Union

Saskia Cochrane, President, University of Surrey Students’ Union

Kevin McStravock, President, Ulster University Students Union

Hannah Rooney, Vice President Campaigns and Communications, Ulster University Students Union

Emma Bonner, Sports President, Ulster University Students Union

Oisin Kinsella, Vice President Jordanstown, Ulster University Students’ Union

Meghan Downey, Vice President Belfast, Ulster University Students Union

Andrew McAnallen, Vice President Coleraine, Ulster University Students Union

James Colgan, Vice President Magee, Ulster University Students Union

Ellie Kellier, Guild President, University of Birmingham Students’ Guild

Josh Sanderson Kirk, Student Association President, University of Law

Amy Moran, Students’ Union President, University of Leicester Students’ Union

Lowri Jones, President, University of Plymouth Students’ Union

Phillipa Williams, Vice President Sport, University of Plymouth Students’ Union

Alex Doyle, Vice President Activities & President-elect, University of Plymouth Students’ Union

Hadizah Adah, Vice President International & Outreach, University of Plymouth Students’ Union

Koby Ofori, Vice President & President-elect, University of Plymouth Students’ Union

Luke Renwick, President, University of Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union

Davey Silver, Education Officer, University of Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union

Dave Titley, President, University of West London Students’ Union

Kat Hackshaw, Vice President Activities and President-elect, University of West London Students’ Union

Heather Armstrong, Students’ Association President, University of West Scotland Students’ Association

Matthew Cameron, Vice President Societies & Citizenship, University of West Scotland Students’ Association

Jonathan Cranstoun, Vice President Sport & Wellbeing, University of West Scotland Students’ Association

Emma Shotter, Vice President Education, University of West Scotland Students’ Association

Dan Seamarks, Vice President Harrow, Westminster Students’ Union

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