Brexit has put a huge drain on the public purse. We’re now in recession territory.

The UK economy is truly lost in a vortex of terrible government policies and zero consumer confidence, and once again we’re reminded that our Prime Minister is doing nothing about it.

Figures published by the British Retail Consortium and Springboard show, that over a two month period, store footfall has dropped by an “unprecedented” 4.8%.

For those who aren’t familiar with the seriousness of this figure, let me put it into perspective.

The 4.8% drop represents that footfall in UK stores over March and April were less than the footfall during the 2009 recession!

This cannot be ignored. It’s the misguided and dangerous supposition by the Government, believing that a country and the economy won’t react to the poisonous policy making surrounding Brexit.

The ambiguity surrounding the UK’s economy in a post Brexit world has left people with more questions than hope. Pockets are being pinched, the promise of a better Britain are feeling like loftier lies, day by day. Jobs are uncertain, industries are failing and the government aren’t doing anything about it.

Whilst Parliament are feigning ignorance to a crumbling economy, the aching predictability of our great nation going down the pan is becoming more and more tangible.

The figures are there, clear as day, but May’s actions to revive a wilting economy are still absent. And whilst some will argue, the death of the UK highstreet is as down to a change in consumer habits, it is not a new phenomenon, that when people have less money, and are fearful of the unknown, they protect themselves by reducing their outgoings. And the root of this fear? Brexit.

Brexit has put a huge drain on the public purse, with all resources going into supposedly getting the UK the best deal, but let’s be honest. We’re in the shit.🔷

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