Their dystopian political agenda is causing the making of irrational decisions in the name of Brexit.

Last week I pointed out that if the Government was prepared to decline visas to hundreds of foreign GPs who had been employed to prop up the struggling NHS, which its actions have clearly proved it was, then there’s no way they’re going to let skilled trades enter the UK post-Brexit.

This of course is a huge problem, since we have a massive skills shortage in the UK, and our policy to solve that problem (the Apprenticeship Levy 💬) is a steaming pile of poo. Truth is that without foreign skilled workers we’re screwed as a country.

The Government under May, who instigated the now infamous ‘hostile environment’ policy, is quite clearly unable or unprepared, to row back on its determination to keep foreign people out of the UK, for the sake of figures, or wider political and potentially borderline racist reasons, irrespective of our need for their skills.

And now I read that there have been 1,600 engineers and IT workers denied working visas, with the Government telling people to go away and find locals to fill these highly skilled roles.

The simple truth is that we have the highest level of employment in the UK for decades, and those who are out of work for any period of time are mostly not people who are likely to be able to fill such roles.

So, once again, we have a crazy situation where some contorted, dystopian political agenda, that at least half the country don’t agree with, is causing irrational decisions to be made, which will ultimately hobble our economy, and Brexit is its name!🔷

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(This piece was originally published on The Pimlico Plumbers blog.)

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